This Years Post From The Patch

Monday, October 27, 2014

So here's a strange little fact for you: my pumpkin patch post from last year is my most viewed blog post of all time. It's strange because the photos weren't taken with my nice camera, but a little digital one, and there are no outfit photos, just some of M and I and a's always had me baffled! It just seems so strange, but either way, maybe this years post will over take that one haha.

I was so thankful that the day kept sunny for M and I to go to the patch together. Until my new reduced hours kick in, we still only have one day together, so it really was kind of the sun so stay out. Sadly, there was no corn or apple cider to be had this year because we went on a week day, so that had us a little bummed out, but we still enjoyed spending time together and picking out some nice pumpkins to decorate our home with. I just can't wait for next year when Chai can come with us! She'll be the cutest pup at the patch ever!

I figured it was high time that I jumped on this fall dress bandwagon, and threw one of my favorite sweaters over a super summery dress of mine, and was actually quite pleased with how the outfit came out! Any chance to wear these boots and dress them up is also something I'll always leap at. Sadly, one of them has a slight hole where the leather did get completely sew up right with the rubber, so I can't go all puddle crazy like I'd like to. I emailed LL Bean about it before I went to Ireland, but I always forgot to respond haha guess I'll have to resend it, because I adore these boots.

I hope everyone is enjoying some great fall festivities! 

Love & Sunshine,
Mariah Alysz

Dress::Sans Souci
Sweater::Old Navy
Shoes::L.L. Bean

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  1. You are so cute! I love how this outfit turned out, too! We might be too late to go to a pumpkin patch; I've heard all the ones near us are completely cleaned out. oh, well. So much for those fun fall activities. I'm glad you and M got to go, though!