To Wear A Turtleneck

Saturday, October 25, 2014

For awhile I was on the hunt for an all black turtleneck to wear to work in the winter, but it proved to be harder to find than I thought. Now I know turtlenecks have a bad rep and usually bring to mind old ladies,  Steve Jobs, and other frumpy things, but I assure you they are pretty much the best. I think Audrey, and there is nothing ever wrong with conjuring images of her, although no one can ever touch her glory in my mind, especially not me. 

This outfit is much more black and grey then I would normally ever wear, but I think it suited the top, and honestly, it was fun to go a little dark anyway, and there is nothing more classic than black after all. Also, I think this lipstick may be my new favorite! Leave it to MAC to top my current favs of theirs with yet another fantastic matte lip. I'm in love.

These pictures were kind of gross to take seeing as it was raining rather heavily, but thank goodness I had Michael to take the photos so I didn't have to run back and forth between my tripod and my poses. He is a lifesaver. 

And in other news, I can't wait to take Chai outside and include her in all my photos! I'll do a post with pictures of her soon, so you can see all the cuteness.

TOP::Express::TJ Maxx
PANTS::Forever 21
BOOTS::Etienne Aigner
EARRINGS::gift from M::Similar
NECKLACE::vintage shop find