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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I've been so excited to tell you guys about this for some time now! I was contacted by eShakti, a women's clothing website offering an amazing range of styles and custom sizing, about ordering one of their pieces and styling it however I so chose, the only catch was that it had to be a custom order, fine by me! The second I saw the email I got up (I was in bed at the time, haha) to find my measuring tape and may or may not have woke Michael up so he could measure me. I picked out the piece I wanted, this gorgeous dress, and punched in my measurements, as well as some other options I wasn't expecting, like sleeve style, and length! Let me tell you, this all felt super fancy, and finding something in my favorite color that wasn't so pale it'd wash me out was beyond tops.

After ordering, I received a conformation email with all my sizing information, and a general time frame for shipment, etc. It felt like it took the dress forever to get to me, but I know that's just because I was so impatient to get my hands on it! I never did get an email for when the dress actually shipped, but the people who work for eShakti were more than helpful (and quick) answering all my questions I emailed them, so I wasn't worried. When the dress finally did arrive, I was beyond impressed! It's not that I expected it to be underwhelming, it was just even nicer than I anticipated! The material is very thick and sturdy feeling, it even has a thin yellow lining beneath, which it probably doesn't even need because the main material is so nice, but it's a fantastic touch, especially in the fall. The dress also has pockets, which is a huge plus, and it didn't come with those annoying string loops for the fabric belt, which gives me the option to wear it without the belt, or with another, without looking cheap or awkward. Here, I feel I need to mention the length options again. I am short, standing at exactly 5' completely upright, and the fact that I could order this in a "mini" length meant the entire world to me. Overall, I'm clearly in love and impressed.

The one and only complaint I could possibly have about this dress, it that the top is a little large, but that is my own fault really. Not only did I lose some more weight after ordering it, but I also just gave the general measurements for a 32C when it came to the bust measurements, thinking I work at Victoria's Secret and I just know that off the top of my head (which I do), but forgetting that I generally don't wear real bras under most things (bralettes,  man!) and also that I don't measure at a perfect 32C, but rather a B. Sleepy Mariah messed up a little bit, but with a push-up bra it isn't even an issue. Plus, it leaves some room for layering, like I did today since it was drizzling, so that's nice.

I was so thrilled that I still had these tights when today rolled around because they match perfectly, right? Yes! They are sadly a little worse for wear at this point, but at least I got one good outfit shoot out of them with this dress. 

All in all, I highly suggest eShakti, because custom tailoring is just delightful, and when they make it so affordable, why resist? I know I'll be shopping there in the future for sure. And for you my lovely blog readers is a 10% discount good from now to December 4th! Just enter the code "ryapie" at checkout! You can also use this as many times as you want until it expires! Awesome! You can even combine it with other offers as long as they don't say otherwise! The only thing you can't do is use it on clearance, sale, or gift cards, but that's no bummer.

Dress::c/o eShakti
Shirt::Old Navy

Don't forget to check out eShakti's website, and their other amazing social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram! And get 10% off with "ryapie"!

::while this dress was provided for me at no charge in exchange for an outfit post and review, all thoughts and statements are completely honest and my own::

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  1. I loooove eShakti, and that dress looks AMAZING on you! I've got one dress from them, and I'm dying to get another one because they have such great quality and I love the tailoring option, as I have a smaller waist than normal. Everything about this dress is so perfect!