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Monday, November 3, 2014

M and I just recently took Chai out for her first walk around our yard, and she absolutely loved it! She took to the leash right away, and the only real issues we had were her little rain booties staying on because they are a bit big for her tiny feet even though they were the smallest size at the store. If you follow me on Insta (@ryapie) you can keep up with all her ridiculous outfits and life achievements.

I decided to be rather ambitious today and take her out with me when I took my photos. She was so excited we ended up doing laps of the yard before and after taking photos! It lead me to realize that I can run really easily and comfortably in these shoes, which is pretty good info, I guess. Since Chai is so small she gets completely soaked from the grass being damp, and the uneven yard must be like mountains to her, so sometimes she falls flat on her face when she gets running, but she always gets right back up and keeps on running. I got a bit dirty holding her for these, but who really cares, mud is something a good thing.

I didn't get as many photos as usual because I wanted to wear Chai out, and she was a little over posing for pictures when she could be exploring the world, how could I argue when it's so new to her? 

In other news, I put in my two weeks at work. I'm pretty sad about it, but with how stressed I've been, I know it's the right choice to make. Plus, it'll be nice to be free again while I can, because after college I know it'll be back to work! I'll definitely have a lot more time to blog, and they told me I can come back whenever I want, so that's really fantastic. Hopefully this turns some things around because I've been a complete mess lately, but things are looking up! There's always some sunshine, even when it's behind a cloud.

Love & Sunshine,
Mariah Alysz

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  1. OMG she's so cute! Poms are the best! And this is the perfect outfit for chasing her around.