Supposed to Snow

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It was pretty frigid again when M and I took these photos. Everytime he takes mine, I've pretty much also been taking his. He seems to have really taken to blogging, which is great, seeing as I made his layout forever before he started posting. I had begun to think that the entire thing was a lost cause, but now that he's started, he's not slowing down, and that makes me pretty excited for his blogging future.

Anyway, I digress. It was in the forecast to snow today, and while I guess there's still time, I don't see it happening, and I must say I'm rather pleased about that. I have never been a huge fan of snow, and so early in the year would definitely be a sign of a long and chilly winter. Today was instead windy, and quite brisk because of the clear skies. Still not my ideal weather by any means, but no snow makes me a happy individual.

::photos by M::

I was definitely shivering while we took these photos, but once I had thrown my coat back on I was alright. I quite like this dress, and despite having only worn it a handful of times, I think it's a great staple piece in my closet. I worn it once before on the blog here, and I think it's nice to see it transition from a summer to fall outfit.

Hope everyone reading is staying warm and cozy!

Love & Sunshine,
Mariah Alysz

Scarf::Old Navy


  1. That scarf look so so cozy! Love it!

    In a Nutshell...

  2. Beautiful outfit, and I love the lighting in these photos! <3

    xox Sammi