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Monday, November 24, 2014

So on Sunday, Michael and I went downtown with Chai for his tattoo consult. My birthday present for him was finally getting his sleeve started, and the artist we both love (the one that did my thigh piece) is so popular she has a waiting list, so we finally got Michael off of it and in to discuss what he wants with Nickhole. While we were driving there, I saw my best friend Kaitlyn and her man walking in the park with their new dog and their kiddo. I hollered out the window at them, and when M and I found parking, he went to Spidermonkey and I walked Chai to the park and met up with my friends!

After we walked around a bit, it was about time for them to take the babe home for a nap, and I knew little Chai needed a rest, so I plopped her in the car for a short nap, and went to meet M back at the shop. It was perfect timing because he was just finishing up his consult when I popped in, so I got to say hi to Nickhole, and then M and I went to shoot photos real quick before grabbing some takeout and heading home.

::photos by M::

This sweater has long been one of my favorites. It by Wildfox, who you should really check out if you haven't already. They recently released a lookbook inspired by the classics, like Pride and Prejudice (which is my all time favorite book), and it is so sweet and soft and cozy, it's irresistible, I need everything from it pretty much. Anyways, I snagged this sweater from Sweet Life, awhile back, and it has been one of my winter staples ever since. I think one of the things I really appreciate about it (aside from how amazingly soft it is) is it's versatility. It somehow transitioned perfectly from my punky phase into today, which I would say is anything but. I think it's the soft grey shade and the fact that the skull is made of sequins that makes it so lovely. Whatever it is, I don't see myself getting rid of it any time soon.

Love & Sunshine,
Mariah Alysz

Sweater::Sweet Life
Pants::Forever 21

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