The Pastels Have It

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

For some reason there is a great color pallet distinction between fall and winter to me, and even though I never used to color dress very seasonally, now that I have been trying to, it just feels right and seems to come naturally now, after all, why would I wear that bright pink floral-y top in fall? It makes no sense. This is where I mix it up though. In my mind, fall is all about the deeper, darker shades; emerald, burgundy, pine, cognac, plum, etc. Winter, on the other hand, feels very pastel to me; blush pinks, dusty sages, lilacs, powder blues, etc. However, the weather has been so downright chilly lately, that even though we are getting even closer to Thanksgiving (the height of fall cheer!), I found myself gravitating towards pastels on this day, and really, who cares? I needed a good outfit to pair this scarf with anyways! Michael got it for me almost a year ago and I think I've only worn it once due to it's rather tricky color pallet. In the end, I really ended up loving this look paired with some dark wash jeans and my favorite fall boots.

On the makeup side of things, I have several items of interest to share! (Perhaps only interesting to me?) I started using an eyeshadow to fill my brows in when I realized my pencil was empty one morning (those MAC ones give you no warning!), and after I put it on, I realized how reddish it really was, but I loved it! Now that was hair has faded from it's formerly freshly died glory (see here) it has once again gone plain red, which I really don't mind at all, as it is one of my go-to colors either way, and why I never thought to do a red eyebrow is beyond me, but I am so in love with it! In these photos it's just the eyeshadow I found in my drawer, but I went to MAC to get a new pencil and picked up the color Strut, which is quite reddish, and I am loving it so much! I think it changes the whole look in a way. It feels more cohesive and also more like a statement at the same time. So. Pleased.

And speaking of MAC, while I was in buying a new brow pencil, I finally had enough empties (5 brow pencil containers and one powder, haha) to get my free lipstick, via their recycling program! They didn't have the first one I picked out in store, but then I stumbled upon the lovely color I'm wearing in this post (Plum Dandy) and fell head-over-heels in love! It's a perfect shade. All-in-all, it was a very successful trip, aside from forgetting that the mascara I had picked up from a MAC in Ireland had dried up and I desperately needed a new one, but I went back and got that today!

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