Waiting For The Train

Monday, November 17, 2014

Guys, I finally got some golden hour photos! It's so hard to catch it now with the sun setting so dang early, so I was quite pleased. M and I drove together to drop him off at work, so we snapped these before he had to clock on. He works in downtown Centralia, which I think is gorgeous and old towny, so I was totally fine taking some quick snaps by the train station. We had to be fast, but I love the way these turned out! I pretty much loved this outfit in general, actually. I had M cut all the tassels off my scarf before I put it on this morning. I've been wanting to wear it with several outfits lately, but the fringe just feels so off to me, that I never end up actually wearing it, so I figured it was best to just have them lopped off entirely, and I am so pleased that I did it! I think I'll be wearing it a lot more now, which is great because a plain black scarf is a fantastic staple. 

I tried my best to do my little half-a-hive today, but my hair isn't quite long enough again to pull it off. Oh well, a girl can dream. I'll be super pleased when I can do it fully again though, and luckily my hair is growing super fast and not breaking off any more since I got it cut off, so it shouldn't be too long! Horah!

After we took these photos, I hooked Chai up to her leash and took her on a little walk around a few blocks so she could make the car ride back home without having to go to the bathroom and the creepiest thing happened. I mean, I'm sure this man was just trying to be nice but I was walking my little fur ball and this scruffy older man on a bike stops at the corner, looks me up and down and says, "I don't know what's cuter, the poodle, or you." Too creepy. He continued to say it again before wishing me a good evening and watching me walk away, and I just had the creeps the whole walk back to my car. And most importantly, Chai is quite obviously a Pomeranian.

Love & Sunshine,
Mariah Alysz

Bow::So old I don't know


  1. Ugh creepy older man comments! Heebie jeebies all over! Recently, I was at WalMart and as I was walking by a middle age man, he muttered under his breath "mm now THAT is a cute outfit" but I could tell he didn't mean for me to hear and with his emphasis on THAT, i could also tell he didn't really mean the outfit. Ew! shake it off, girl! Chai would have protected you, I bet! ;)

    In a Nutshell...

    1. Oh my goodness! They're everywhere! How unfortunate!
      I'll have to start carrying Chai with me for protection haha.

  2. This outfit is so adorable! I especially love the bow, and the stripes!
    Oy. Comments from older men can be SO creepy! I remember back when I was working as a barista, I got ready to hand a coffee off to this man who was probably in his 50's, and he goes "I hope this coffee is as hot as you!"
    I seriously wanted to "accidentally" dump it on him or have a sarcastic reply, but it wasn't until he drove off that my nerd brain went "I could have said it was technically much hotter than me as coffee is required to be heated to at least 120 degrees, dang it!"
    Yeah. I always search for the nerdy replies when I get hit on (like when I was asked "what does a polar bear weigh?" I immediately wracked my brain for a reasonable guess before the guy went "enough to break the ice. Hi, I'm Josh." and I mentally went "UGGGHH.")

    1. Gosh that is just so overwhelming!
      And I would have totally started actually thinking of a guess for the polar bear's weight too! haha Thank goodness we found some non-creepy men!