A Home For The Holidays

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So while my parents were here for Christmas, they rented this house on the westside of Oly. It was extremely adorable and even had a loft with two twin beds and a bunch of board games, which I thought was a cute touch for people staying there bringing their children. It was nice to have a temporary home with my parents to spend the holidays, to eat our dinner, open gifts, the works. Plus I  thought the stairs leading to the front door made a cute backdrop for my outfit photos.

These were taken on Christmas Eve. I got a bit dressed up, well for one because I like to, but also because Michael's family (on his dad's side) has an Eve gathering every year, and this year since I was around, Michael decided we should go. It was nice to meet more of his family, and I loved watching all the younger kids get all pumped about opening their gifts. I even got some pretty neat things myself, which was unexpected because I didn't know any of them. My one and only qualm was that one person gave Chai some beer to drink, which upset me quite a bit, but I also didn't want to be like, "hey you, that's completely disgusting and rude, please don't" and risk anyone disliking me. I have problems voicing my opinions enough as it is, and it gets worse around people I don't know and want to make a good impression on. But it's not just me, right? You shouldn't just give someone's dog beer because you think it's funny? Chai got sick later in the evening, but she's ok now, so I guess it doesn't really matter, but I wanted to see what y'all thought.

heartsoul top :: forever 21 jeans :: anne michelle heels :: gifted earrings 

Overall, my holidays were amazing, and I have a Christmas post coming your way tomorrow, so stay tuned!


  1. Oh i am SUCH the opposite - I am too open with my opinions and sometimes it gets me in trouble. I would have said something about giving Chai beer. Or had Michael say something since it was his family. That wasn't right and you had the right to be upset! Glad to hear Chai is OK though and you had a lovely Christmas eve anyway! SUCH a cute house, too, btw! I want to live there!

    In a Nutshell...

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks it was an unacceptable thing to do.
      And I wish my parents did live here! It was so quaint!
      <3 Mariah