At The Bookstore

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One of the things Michael and I really enjoy doing is killing time wandering around bookstores. We like to frequent Barnes & Nobel, along with some smaller ones downtown. We've also recently been watching the Harry Potter movies, and it's really left me dying to re-read them. The only problem was that the first three of mine are in Arizona with my parents and the rest are here with me! My momma gave me the ok to just go and re-buy the first three, so that warranted a trip to good old B&N! They were in the kids section, which made me feel a tad foolish, but I think Harry Potter is good for all ages, personally. I'm not entirely sure if we were supposed to take photos in the store, but we did and no one caught us, so it happened.

::photos by M::
thrifted sweater :: sweet life boutique jeans :: marshalls boots :: icing holly crown

Well that's about it. The quarter is coming to a close and my last day of class is tomorrow. I'm pretty happy about it because that means it's growing ever closer to Christmas and getting to see my mom who I miss very dearly. 


  1. I started reading Harry Potter finally, and then our basement flooded and soaked my copy, and then we started house-sitting and I no longer have it with me! I've been trying to find all of the books at thrift stores.
    And I'm glad you got photos in the store, because they are so cute! I love your headband, and your nail color. I think bookstores are public property, so unless they have signs posted you're allowed to take pictures... I think...

    1. That is terrible! Well when my parents come back I'll have doubles of 1-3, so if you don't find any of those by then, I can mail them to you if you'd like!
      And I think that's how it goes, if there aren't signs then you're one said anything so it's all good either way, haha.