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Monday, December 8, 2014

So I had my birthday outfit all planned out. I would be wearing this dress, kindly bought for me from my mom as a birthday gift, with some thigh highs from UO, these amazing shoes from ModCloth, and my big pink bow, and it would be perfect. Sadly, though the dress was promised to arrive the day before my birthday (I don't think they realized it was a Sunday at the time), it did not come. After a good deal of desperate hoping and last minute attempts to procure it (did you know if you wish to pick up a package from a store/sorting location instead of having it delivered to the provided address you mist give 48 hour notice before it's scheduled arrival date? Neither did I.), it arrived incorrectly on our neighbors freezer outside by their back door. This is irritating all on it's own, but we won't go into that now, haha. 

Anyways! Since my original outfit plans were no good, I had to come with something last night that I could wear on my birthday that was as equally cupcakey and festive, and this is what I came up with! I'm always going to vote "yes" when it comes to a tulle tutu, and I never wear this dress enough anyways (see other time here). The rest of the outfit was jumbled together from things I own (obvs) that I would never usually pair together, although now that I look at this piece, maybe I should, haha. I got these shoes for my birthday party last year, and figured they were about due for another spin around the block, and M and I went to the mall after I had class to get my tiara from Icing. Everyone needs a birthday tiara. Or at least I certainly do. I couldn't rock one with my haircut last year and it was my first year without one since I tuned 16 and it felt soooooo wrong. 

::photos by M::
forever 21 sweater :: target tights :: mystic brand dress :: old navy necklace :: icing tiara :: shiekh heels

And that's it! I'm 22 today, which means I officially need to go over my 21 before 22, and come up with a 22 before 23. Crazy! I feel the same. But then again, I feel the same on every birthday, and something's changed somewhere in between! Although I definitely sometimes with that I would just wake up feeling magically different, kind of like Sixteen Candles. Ah, good 80's movies.


  1. Oh LORD do shipping/delivery troubles get under my skin! I would lose it if that happened to me but I am glad it finally arrived! Better late than never! And who says you can't extend your birthday? Make it last all week! ;)

    In a Nutshell...

    1. Yes! Ugh there are several houses on my property and they always take it to the first one they see, even if I put "with the flamingos!" or "down the driveway!" on the shipping address. Oh well.
      And week long birthday it is!
      <3 thanks for the comment.

  2. Happy birthday again, a day late! I'm sorry your outfit plans didn't work out; I would have LOVED to have seen you in that dress! I hope you're going to wear it soon, I'm dying to see it on you! But I love this outfit, too, it's so pretty and that skirt/dress is perfect!

    1. Every time I mean to wear it, it starts pouring rain out! You know how it goes in Washington. And I desperately want to wear it but it for sure isn't waterproof in any way, haha. And thanks again! I'm so bad at responding to comments in a timely manner. >.<

  3. I love this outfit! Very 80's inspired!! :)