Me and My Frosty Flamingo

Monday, December 1, 2014

I had high hopes for these photos. I would go outside, despite arriving home after golden hour had just ended (not like the sun hits my yard after morning anyways), pose in adorable ways with one of my pink flamingos and take heartwarming photos in what has to be one of my favorite winter dress outfits to date. What actually happened was me getting home and realizing how hard it is to take photos without Michael when it's freezing out, taking all the photos I could easily stage on my own, and quitting before I was entirely satisfied because my fingers were completely numb. This isn't evening frost in these photos, it's frost from the morning that never melted. In other words, it's been frigid. Don't get me wrong though, I'll take this weather over Washington's rain any day of the week.

coat::hot toddy  sweater::target  dress::oasis  socks::urban outfitters  shoes::modcloth  collar::vintage  headband::fuego  lips::mac angel

I hope that last photo brings some smiles. It's so goofy, but I had to include it. I think the cold made me a little coocoo-banana-brains. Oh well. In other news, this is only the second time I've managed to wear this awesome dress that I snagged while I was in Ireland, the other time I wore it was at the zoo, which you can check out here, if you'd like. At this point I'm kicking myself for not buying more cropped sweaters when I had the money, because for a short girl like me, they're perfect for laying over dresses and not looking like a blob. This sweater isn't cropped, but it does have a high-low cut, which helps a little. 

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