The Best Hat In The World

Sunday, December 21, 2014

So I'm gunna have to start this post off with a short story. Years ago, my mom and I were shopping for Christmas type things (and I do mean years ago) and I saw this super, super long santa hat, that I just had to have. If you know me at all, have seen any photos of my room, or just generally follow me anywhere, you know I collect hats, it's a bit of an obsession. Anyways, I begged my mom for the hat, but we didn't end up getting it for one reason or another, but she did say that she'd get one for me some other's where it gets good...we've never seen one again. Ever. No where. Period. Every single year my mom and I would go out and do our holiday errands and search for a super long santa hat, and there would never be one. I still haven't found one. There are some online, but they are either ridiculously expensive, or just awful. Michael even joined the search in secret in hopes of getting me one for a present and found some reasonably priced long ones online, but they all had weird symbols on them, like a pot thank you. And day...I was browsing UO like I tend to do when I'm bored, and I saw this hat. This amazing, long hat, that was wintery and fantastic and I freaked out. I'm serious. I texted my mom immediately and reminded her of the long santa hat story (like she needed reminding, haha) and showed her the hat, and we both agreed that it was a bit more practical than a super long santa hat because it could be worn in the height of winter after Christmas as well as during and before! Perfect! My mom bought it for me as an early Christmas present and I'm obsessed! I think part of me will always be on the lookout for that super long santa hat, but this hat is fantabulous and I am in love. 

black orchid jeans from sweet life boutique :: target socks :: payless shoes :: forever 21 cropped sweater :: rainbow jacket :: urban outfitters hat :: mac plum dandy lipstick

In other, non hat related news, my parents fly up tomorrow and I am super excited to see them! I haven't seen my mom since last spring break, before I went to Ireland, and I haven't seen my step-dad since last Christmas, which seems insane to me. I can't wait for them to move back because I miss them so much! It's been a strange two years with them in Arizona, and while I wish I could just pop on down there and enjoy some sun, my life has me here, and I dearly miss them. Not being able to drive over for silly things like grocery shopping with my mom, or to watch a movie has been a real adjustment, and I definitely started finding surrogate families in the beginning of them being gone. I remember going to my friend Vanessa's house several times, because I love her too much, but also because it felt so nice to be around a loving family. Either way, having them here for the holidays will be super amazing. Plus, it'll be my first Christmas with Michael (last year I was in Arizona), so that's really exciting. All-in-all, I'm pumped and I hope y'all are too, for whatever solstice related celebration you may be having!

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