The Compliment Coat

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I have never once worn this coat without getting complimented on it, usually by multiple people. It's funny because the truth is, I don't really wear it that much. It usually gets 1-3 wears per winter season and then hangs untouched throughout the warmer months. I think it's the length that makes it feel limiting for me. Being only 5' tall, I think it hits me in kind of an odd place if I'm not wearing a dress, so, since I'm not much of a fall/winter dress wearer (I'm getting better!) it remains mostly unworn. I should probably just try it on with jeans again, seeing as I only wore it that way all of one time, haha. All that aside, I am quite happy I put it with this outfit, as I rather liked the ridiculous amount of red that I had on.

::photos by M::
coat::modcloth  dress::target  scarf::?  belt::from another dress  tights::target  shoes::marshalls

The last time I wore this dress was during Thanksgiving last year, only I was in Arizona, so it was styled for much warmed weather. I really like the cut and pattern of the dress, but the material does not breathe well at all. Oh well. I'll deal with a bit of nasty fabric for the sake of the outfit I'm trying to build.

In other news, M and I are busy decorating the house for Christmas, and we need to head back to the dollar store for a few more items, but I'm loving how festive it looks in here, and will probably share some photos soon!


  1. I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations! I feel like we can't really decorate since we're house-sitting, but I think I will take down their decorations and stash them in the guest room so that I can put my own up. I need Christmas!
    That coat is so adorable, but I totally would only wear it a few times a season, too! It's such a bold piece it's harder to style. I love the ruffles, though! And I have a dress with the exact same pattern as yours, in slightly different colors, and a summer silhouette. We could be twins! Haha! Sort of.
    Happy Thursday!
    Eccentric Owl

    1. You should definitely put up your own decorations! They never need to know!
      I'm happy you understand my feelings about the coat! It's just such a tricky piece to style with things because it has so much personality all on its own!
      And I would definitely twin with you anytime!

  2. Allow me to join the chorus of compliments! This whole outfit has such a flamboyant flamenco feel. I particularly enjoy all the subtly different shades of red.

    1. Well thank you so much! I was worried about all the red initially, so I'm glad you like it!