A Wes Anderson Character

Thursday, January 1, 2015

So when Michael and I were Christmas shopping around downtown Oly, I suggested we pop into my favorite shop, Hot Toddy, to look for a little something for his mom, and also because I always want to go in there. We didn't end up getting anything for his  mom, although Michael did snag some choice cufflinks for his brother at one hell of a bargain price! One of the ladies that works there knows us and always helps us out when she can, which is so sweet of her. While we were there, I first spotted the gorgeous blue coat I'm wearing in this post and fell completely in love! It was hanging right below the amazing pink coat I bought a few months back (see here and here), and I became obsessed. Then it got worse. I looked over and saw this hat. Oh, this hat! I already have a hat obsession and the color and the shape and the ears and the quality and omg, you guys! This hat! I immediately ran the hat over to the coat and told Michael it looked just like an outfit from a Wes Anderson movie (which I'm sure he didn't care about because he doesn't care for his movies, but I gobble them up like a kid with candy), kind of like something I could see Suzy wearing from Moonrise Kingdom. I told Michael that it was the only thing I wanted for Christmas and that I was going to see if my mom would get it for me if he wouldn't. I do get a bit obsessive.

He left me later that day to do some shopping for me as it was his last day off before Christmas and said he was probably going to buy me this cookbook he found that would be perfect for me. I had my doubts. He told me it wasn't a baking cookbook and after that I was left wondering what he could be getting that I would even like, because as I'm sure you can tell from my recipe posts, all I do is bake. Michael is the one into cooking. Well he went and came back and said he got the book and I was so sad inside. Silly me.

When my mom came into town, I took her to Hot Toddy to show her the coat (there had only been two in my size) and the only one left was a damaged one with a giant hole in the pocket. I was so upset! I did find another yellow coat I wanted (I have a thing for coats) but mom wouldn't do any of her gift shopping for me with me around, which makes sense, and I sadly left, depressed that the only non-damaged coat in my size had been snatched up.

Now onto Christmas day! (I promise this story is almost over) I noticed a large box from Hot Toddy sitting by the coffee table in the house my parents were renting for the holidays (pictured here) and I thought my mom had gone and bought me that yellow coat. Nope. After all was opened it turned out that Michael not only got me the cookbook (which happened to be a country Irish cookbook, which could not have been a more perfect gift, I teared up a bit) but he bought me the hat, and while he was in the store buying it, my mom called them up from Arizona and bought the blue coat! It's pretty much the best example of team work that has ever existed. I'm so spoiled. 

kling coat from hot toddy :: old navy sweater :: american eagle shorts :: hot kiss shoes from famous footwear :: ducks in a row hat from hot toddy :: obsessive compulsive cosmetics lip tar in electric grandma

Now I'll admit, I had no clue what color this lip tar was in because I actually hated it and threw it away! My mom got it in her...glossy bag...or something like that, one of those beauty subscription bags and didn't like the color for herself, so she gave it to me. I'd heard good things about Obsessive Compulsive stuff, so I was eager to give it a try, and plus I love lip things in general, but I just did not like it. To me something with "tar" in the name should be thick, very pigmented, and stick to your lips like nobody's business. This was none of those things. I'm sure other people love it, and I'm sure the brand makes other really good things, but this was just sticky without staying power, a diluted version of the color in the tube, and bled like I never expected something with a gooey-glossy texture to. Overall, I was not impressed. Oh well. 

Also, I hope to soon pair this coat and hat with a cute collared dress I plan to buy from asian iCandy, or maybe this KLING skirt, but for now, I paired it with the items I had that I though would add to the whimsical look. 


  1. Ah, what a perfect outfit on you, and such a great story of your mom and Michael getting you the hat and the coat! How sweet of them! I love it! And that makes the whole ensemble that much more special because they worked it out just for you.
    Also, that cookbook he got you sounds like something I'd love; I have a thing for cookbooks.

    1. I just feel so loved whenever I think of them organizing it all out!
      And it is an amazing cookbook! And the fact that I went to Ireland last year (weird to say haha) and have been complaining about missing the food ever since just made it the icing on the cake! It's called The Country Cooking of Ireland, if you're interested. I'd highly recommend it.
      <3 Mariah

  2. This outfit is SO cute. I've been loving that coat ever since I saw it at Hello Holiday, and the hat is perfect.

    xox Sammi

    1. Thanks! I am definitely obsessed and am already planning other outfit around it! Also, I had never heard of that site until you just mentioned it and am now also obsessed with it! So thanks!
      <3 Mariah

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    1. Thank you so much! I love your blog completely!
      <3 Mariah Alysz