A Whole New World

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

So I recently decided to give Adobe's Lightroom a try, and man was I hooked fast. I mean, I do adore Photoshop, and will obviously still use it for certain things, but the ease and proficiency of Lightroom just can't be beat! The fact that I can copy what I've done to one photo and apply it to as many others as I choose is beyond amazing, and after purchasing VSCO's 6th pack of presets, I am beyond hooked. I mean, check out these photos! I love them! Not that there was anything wrong with my old ones, but I think this new editing stuff has really stepped my photos up a notch. Right? Let me know. Either way, I have a newfound excitement every time I get to edit photos that I haven't had for a long time. It's great.

ducks in a row coat from hot toddy :: ducks in a row hat from hot toddy :: one clothing romper (as top) from marshalls :: pink skirt :: target tights :: apri booties from marshalls :: mac meltdown lipstick

This outfit was entirely built around this amazing coat. My momma got it for me before she left for Arizona, and I am obsessed, just like I am with my new blue coat. I really like the turn my wardrobe seems to be taking as of late, towards more vintage-inspired and unique pieces. I feel a style finally beginning to form a bit of a complete picture and I'm liking it. 

I also purposely wore the same romper that I wore on my first day last quarter, this quarter, but remixed it a bit for funsies. I feel pretty good about my often I've been wearing things that aren't pants thing fall/winter. Way better than I was last year anyways, haha. 

I hope everyone starting new classes finds them good and satisfying and to those of you just returning to the normal grind after the holidays, I wish you a New Year of light and happiness.


  1. I'd love to be able to copy my edits from one photo to the next! I sort of do it in a manual way in what I use to edit currently, which is Aperture but I have been considering Lightroom. Hmm...your review makes me want to consider it further!! ;)

    In a Nutshell...

    1. Well Adobe does offer free 30 day trials of all their programs! You can always see if you like it that way!
      <3 Mariah Alysz

  2. I have both Lightroom and Photoshop. I fell in love with Lightroom when I discovered it, but I ended up going back to Photoshop just because I found it easier to zero in on certain things in Photoshop than I did Lightroom. I also have older versions of them both, I think. I love the effects in Lightroom, though. And I loved that you can copy what you did. I wish Photoshop did that. Who knows, maybe it does now?

    Anyway...this outfit is great, and I love that coat!

    1. I have CS6 and I don't think you can copy and paste edits sadly ):
      And thank you so much! It is quickly becoming one of my favorite coats.