Friday, January 23, 2015

These photos were taken at an abandoned housing development by my old house. I still drive to the town I grew up in to get my hair cut, because my hair lady is simply the best, so I figured I might as well have my outfit photos taken there. I used to love going on walks around this place, through the fields and empty buildings, but as the years went on it became a bit of a hangout for sketchier people and I started avoiding it, which made me pretty sad. There was even a meth lab explosion up this hill once. Yep. But I still brave it when I have someone else with me, and I enjoyed posing in the over grown places for these shots.

::photos by M::
charlotte russe dress :: target tights :: wanted shoes from tj maxx :: old navy scarf :: h&m hat :: icing midi rings :: fuego flower rings

As well as having a single abandoned model home, which is entirely fenced off at the top of the hill due to vandalism, there are the remains of what used to be a super old school house (I assume) and the newer remains of a church house that is all boarded up, although I don't know how much of that is left after the explosion. I definitely need to go back and explore some more.

Also, I think you all should know that these tights are fleece lined, which is just beyond fantastic.