Matching Is Everything

Monday, January 26, 2015

It is a well known fact that I love to match my lipstick to what I'm wearing. If I'm wearing it, it is a perfect match to something on my body. When I first got this hat for Christmas, I knew I wanted a lipstick to match it. I went into MAC and found a shade I fell in love with, but it sadly wasn't in stock, so I went home and ordered it from their site, and it finally came! It actually seems like it's going to be a very versatile color, and mixes quite nicely. To make it match the hat 100% I patted some light brown eyeshadow on top of it and blended it in, it was fabulous! I am a MAC addict for sure.

I'm also totally addicted to these pieces from Ducks In A Row that I got. The quality just continues to impress me, and the pieces are so amazingly versatile and have such personality! If you haven't checked them out then you definitely should. I think ModCloth has this coat on their site currently, so that's pretty awesome. It also has a fuzzy little hood with cat ears, which is pretty quirky cute.

::photos by m::
ducks in a row coat from hot toddy :: ducks in a row hat from hot toddy :: h&m sweater :: h&m skirt :: target tights :: hot kiss shoes from famous footwear :: modcloth necklace :: mac lipstick in chili

Speaking on the theme of matching, I love this little bumblebee necklace I got from ModCloth! It is so darling, and I think it hangs at the perfect length, but what attracted me to it most is that fact that it kind of perfectly matches my tattoo! You can't see it in this post, but here is one where you can, if you're curious. Ever since I got it I've become more and more obsessed with collecting bumble items that match it. This necklace just made my day, and it pretty much goes with everything. I love it.

And the last note on this outfit, the skirt and sweater! Michael and I took a little drive to the Tacoma Mall the other day to check out the Lush there, because we didn't know there was one there and thought we had to drive all the way to Seattle if we ever wanted to go! Thankfully we know that isn't the case now, and we really enjoyed our trip. We stopped into H&M upon Michael's request and I found some really great pieces there! I've been wanting some more skirts for awhile now, seeing as 90% of mine are black from when I worked at VS and I never really wear black otherwise, so I was definitely in need. M helped me pick out some cute things and I put this ensemble together and I love it so much! H&M is definitely a winner in my book, I'm just sad there isn't one closer to me.


  1. That close up shot of you in full profile is SO gorgeous. I love this lip color on you, and the yellow coat is wonderful.

    xox Sammi

    1. Aw thank you! It' definitely a new favorite color of mine and the coat is one of my favorites for sure! Mustard yellow forever!
      <3 Mariah Alysz

  2. This outfit and all of its details is amazing! I love matching accessories or small details (like your hat, lips, and tights). It is an easy way to tie it all together!