Me And My Bulldog

Sunday, January 25, 2015

This weird little bulldog looks like he's been chilling in this empty planter for a few years. What you're looking at in these photos is the back side of a little covered swinging bench that faces the lake in our yard. It's pretty cute, but for some reason I never thought to pose by it until Michael suggested it. Genius. I love how quirky it looks, and the colors coordinate perfectly with what I've got on. I think I love this weird little guy. Maybe he'll come with us when we move. Although who knows what I'd do with him anywhere.

::photos by M::
target tights :: target sweater :: irregular choice shoes from modcloth :: o'neill dress :: target necklace :: kling coat from hot toddy :: mac lipstick in angel

In other news (I use that transition a lot, don't I?), I can almost dye my hair again! Woo! So exciting! I just trashed it with my series of self-dyes that started in Ireland (why, Mariah, why?), and it's just now almost recovered. At least it feels like hair again. Thank goodness. Allison (my hair guru), says with another inch and a half it should be good to dye again. Sweet. My roots are driving me pretty insane, but I am so over messing with my hair by myself and ruining it. I have something pretty exciting cooked up for my next color. I'm pumped. I'm also loving my haircut. It's pretty minimal, as I'm sure you can (or cannot) see here. Just a slight trim and the lopping off of my tail, but it's made a huge difference to me. As I have said a million times, I would much rather have a distinct hairstyle and have growing my hair out take a little longer than just leave it alone but have it looking awkward for a chunk of time. We all have our methods.

And these are kid's tights. I love these so much. They make me think of cake batter and they are a thick knit so they're nice and warm. So awesome and so cheap. Win. Win.