New School Bag

Friday, January 9, 2015

Before my school year started, I bought a super cute leopard print backpack from Pink, and was convinced I was set for the year. This however, turned out to be wrong for several reasons. For one, a packet of salad dressing exploded in one of the pockets one day, imparting not only a disgusting (and lingering) smell, but also an oily residue, that even after washing my backpack continued to leave oil stains on my papers and other belongings. Not cool. And secondly, as I talked about in this post, the extra weight on my back made walking in heels especially hard, a challenge I've never encountered with shoulder or handbags. 

The other day, M and I were in Staples because I needed to pick up some binder dividers (I can never find the ones with pockets at Target) and we wandered a bit and came upon an isle of more fashionable bags for work, business, school, etc. My eyes instantly fell on this beauty, and I immediately started removing the paper stuffing inside to examine all the pockets. Most bags of this nature, this one being no exception, have a laptop sleeve of some sort, and while that usually doesn't get much use in my case since my college has smaller classes and professors that prefer you to take handwritten notes, the layout was so fantastic that I snatched it up right quick. I think M is still rolling his eyes over the crazy color combo, but I think it matches about 90% of my wardrobe anyways, and looks much classier with my outfits than a leopard print backpack. I'm in love. It's simpler to access while still holding everything I need. The outside pink part is a bunch of pockets, so it's like have a million snack pouches! Just think of all the variety! Ok, maybe I'm a little too excited, but still, it's nice to have a stylish and functional bag for school, and I may or may not have somewhat planned my outfit around the bag. 

tulle coat from hot toddy :: old navy pants :: ivanka trump flats from marshalls :: buxton bag from staples :: voodoo vixen cardigan from hot toddy :: old navy top

I don't really have much to say other than that I felt like I was going to toss my cookies while we took these photos and have been pretty sick all day, so that sucks. My stomach just had the wibbly-wobbles no matter what today. And this shirt has always made me think of confetti cake. Anyone else see it?


  1. Can I just say your eyebrows are PERFECT <3__<3

    1. Omg thank you! It's taken me much too long to perfect them!
      <3 Mariah Alysz

  2. The colours in this outfit are absolutely gorgeous and I love that bag :)