Some Impromptu Shots

Saturday, January 24, 2015

These shots were taken after M and I met up with Kaitlyn and Ryan for a spontaneous brunch date. M and I were already on our way when I texted Kaitlyn and told her to join us. When she showed up she said her and Ryan had been planning to get brunch anyway and then walk Muffin (their pom) and it cracked me up because Michael and I had the same exact plan. So, after having a delightful brunch, we both took our pups on a walk around the capitol lake, where I had to snap some photos of Kait and Ry real quick, just 'cause. I've been really getting back into my photography as of late, and I've been planning some photoshoots with others, so stay tuned for some more of my photography, if you're interested. I did a series of shoots for a Valentine's Day fashion editorial of Michael and I that I can't wait to share with you guys!

I really love the way these came out, and am pumped to take more. I know Kait and I want to do a shoot with just her and Muffin downtown, so that'll be fun.

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