The Curse Of The Anchor Pants

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The last time I blogged an outfit with these pants was way back in May of last year, and even though I've worn them plenty of times since then, always with the intention of taking photos, it never seems to happen! Once I even re-wore the exact same outfit two days in a row so I could photograph it, and then I got something red (I can't remember) on the top (which was white) and had to change. I was almost convinced that if I wore them today, I would somehow be stopped from taking photos, but things turned out alright, so fingers crossed that the curse has been lifted, because I love these pants! I have them in one other spiffy pattern, and I really need to snatch up more, or just more pants cut like it, I really enjoy the flair they add to an outfit and how they are as comfy as jeans, but way, way classier.

old navy pants :: thrifted forever 21 sweater :: old navy bracelets :: icing ring :: claire's headband :: pink envelope coat from macy's :: ivanka trump flats from marshalls :: mary kay nourishine plus lipgloss in rock 'n' red

In other news, I am not a lipgloss girl. I have tried and I just don't like it. Lipstick all the way. Lipstick forever. That is all.


  1. Gorgeous outfit! That misfortune happens to me too, it actually did in the weekend, right after I finished getting ready to shoot an outfit it started pouring down :(

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    1. Thank you so much! And the rain! Ah! It always has terrible timing!