All But The Boots

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I had originally planned to wear a dress on this day, an outfit I had put together about four or five days ago that I still haven't worn for one reason or another. I didn't wear it on this day because it was super rainy out. And by that I mean, the all-the-stereotypes-you've-ever-heard-about-Washington's-rain-are-true kind of rain. I most certainly did not want to be trudging back and forth on campus in the pastel tights I had set out to wear, so I did a quick outfit change to this jeans-ensemble and out to class I went. The only thing throwing me off about the whole thing was the shoes. Color-wise they were the best option for my outfit, but style wise, not so much. I headed over to DSW after class with Michael to try on these babies, because they looked perfect with my outfit, but sadly they hit me in the weirdest place, right at the bottom of my knee cap, which looked and felt strange, so I was stuck with the boots I had on. This isn't to say I don't adore these boots, I just didn't with this outfit. Oh well. I ordered these amazing boots from ModCloth when I got home, so next time I wear this coat with pants (or anything) I'll be prepared!

::photos by m::
asian icandy coat :: forever 21 hat :: comme toi top from hot toddy :: hollister jeans :: fergalicious boots from famous footwear :: gifted brooch :: mac lipstick in lipblossom

Let's shift away from the shoes and talk about this darling coat for a moment! Isn't it fantastic? Asian iCandy just always has the best things, right? Right. I love the cut, and the length is going to be perfect for dresses when it isn't pouring miserably. Also, this is only my second time wearing this gorgeous antique brooch my mother sent me as a gift (see the first here) and I think I definitely need more for my outerwear! They turn any coat into a unique statement, which a lot of my coats are already, but it feels more personalized this way. Plus, the umbrella is more that appropriate for a drizzly day. Thanks mom, if you're reading. I love it.


  1. The colour of the coat is gorgeous and goes so well with the top

    Sunset Desires

    1. Thank you very much! I do love my shades of pink!
      <3 Mariah Alysz