Favorite Lipsticks :: Nudes & Browns

Monday, February 23, 2015

So I've been wanting to do more beauty posts lately, as makeup is a huge passion of mine, and I thought that doing a weekly Makeup Monday kind of thing could be just the ticket! Plus, I feel like it's nice to mix things up from just outfit posts, so here's my first Makeup Monday post! I decided I'd start off by doing a series showing you guys my favorite lipsticks. This post features my favorite variations of nude and brown lippies!

First up, shown above is a combination of a MAC lip pencil in Naked Liner and a MAC lipstick in Myth. These two things are colors I think every lipstick lover definitely needs. Myth is the absolute perfect nude in my opinion, with just the right hint of pinky/peach in it. I highly recommend it, but I do also highly recommend throwing some sort of nude liner under it, or at least around the edges, as it could use a crisp edge too it. I also find it to be a good in-between for satin and matte finishes. It is labeled as a satin, but it isn't super shiny, which is nice.

Color number two is an old favorite back from when I did most of my beauty shopping at Target or the Walmart in my home town. It is Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Charm. I don't think they make this particular color anymore, or at least not under this name, but you can still find it in some stores, and I definitely think it's worth a look. It is a very light peachy color, that is by no means opaque, which makes it light and breezy and great on lots of skin colors! I think I'll be wearing it a lot more frequently now as it kind of matches my hair, haha.

On to color number three! I was sent this in one of my Ipsy bags (which I no longer get), and it has served as a great go-to rosy brown ever since. It is from Em Cosmetics and the color is Nude Lace. It is extremely creamy, which makes it great for long wear without drying your lips out to badly. It's a great option for anyone looking for a good starter brown that isn't super dark or 90's looking.

And on to the last color! This shade is new to me, and I actually haven't worn it out yet, so it was nice getting to put it on for this post. The color is Taupe by MAC, and it is a lovely matte lipstick. It is a little more brown that it appears in these pictures, I think my lips being super red from changing lipsticks made it appear a bit more pink than it is. It is definitely the perfect brown. Not too dark, but brown enough to stand out from the crowd of other lipsticks in your drawer. I am in love with this one. But I am in love with all MAC lipsticks.

I would also like to note that for all the lipsticks besides the first one (Myth) I used my Mary Kay clear lip liner for a clean edge. I absolutely love clear lip liners and if you haven't tried one then you need to. Seriously. Right. Now. If you get anything mentioned in this post, get the clear lip liner. It is beyond versatile (I mean, it's clear, it has to be) and is perfect with every lipstick you could ever imagine. I use it to smooth out the edges of any lipstick and it lasts all day. So much better than buying a multitude of colored lip liners that work with only one or two lipsticks. Now I'm not saying it'll replace something necessary like a nude liner for under a nude lippy, but it's definitely something you must own. You must!

I hope these new additions add some nice spice to my blog, and as always, please share all thoughts and feelings or whatever with me in the comments below!


  1. Ooh, I love all of these! And I can't wait to get on and read more of your Makeup Monday posts; I need to start switching up my posts more often, too, and I was thinking of doing a similar post (makeup; it's so fun!). The second lippy is my favorite (especially because it matches your hair!). So pretty!

    1. Yes I would love to read your makeup posts! They are just so much fun to do! I hope you enjoy the other posts!
      <3 Rya

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