No Regrets

Thursday, February 12, 2015

When Michael first saw this coat at Forever 21 awhile back, I flipped out. It was so soft, so warm, so pink! I immediately tried it on, and while we both loved it, we ended up putting it back because we decided that, while fabulous, it probably wouldn't get worn all that much due to its flamboyant nature. The second I got home and started to put clothes away (like the ones that made up this outfit) and began to put outfits together in my mind that would have gone perfectly with the coat. Then the next day I saw this post by Kailey over on her lovely blog, and I knew I had major regrets. Michael and I went to our Forever 21 but they only had the coat in white, which would never do because, for one it isn't pink, and for two, I cannot be trusted with the color white. I tried it on nonetheless and we decided we still liked it, so I went home and ordered it online right away. This isn't even the outfit I had concocted for the coat, but I thought it went great with this once I actually had it all on. So here's the coat. Let me know what you think!

forever 21 coat :: target hat :: hot toddy earrings :: icing tights :: fire los angeles dress from tj maxx :: fergalicious boots from dsw :: mac lipstick in nicki 2

Today I am going to go get my nails done, which is beyond needed as they are super grown out at this point. I am also anxiously awaiting word from the vet that Chai did alright getting spayed. We dropped her off this morning and I have been nervous ever since. The house doesn't even feel right without her in it. However, Lady Foot is enjoying being an only child again.