On The Board Walk

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

In case you haven't noticed by now, my hair is peachy pink. The plan was initially for powder blue hair, but after bleaching it, there was no way to get all the yellow out from the bits of my hair that had been red without totally damaging my hair or cutting it beyond short like when I first went white. So the plan become to go a peachy pink color, and then in a few months (or however long it takes) when it has lightened and faded to blonde to then try going blue. For now I am a fluffy peach head, and I am totally ok with that. I'm rather loving it actually. I've always preferred myself with lighter hair colors (like blonde), but for some reason I always end up dyeing it red at some point (maybe I think the upkeep will be easier? it really isn't), so after this last time getting it dyed (and seeing my hair blonde before the pink went on) I made Michael promise to never let me dye my hair red ever again.

forever 21 coat :: forever 21 top :: forever 21 skirt :: urban outfitters socks :: steve madden shoes from  dsw :: mac lipstick in myth

I have been saving this outfit for my pastel hair, and it's so nice to finally be able to share it with you! I had originally planned to wear it with different shoes, but I figured these little boots would be perfect for walking around as they are super comfy, and I actually love how they look with the whole thing, so win-win.

And now time for another random fact about me! Woo! (Is anyone enjoying these?) I never drank coffee until my sophomore year of college. It absolutely repulsed me, and the only way I can drink it now is either flavored or with copious amounts of cream and sugar. Michael once told me (our first time hanging out, iI think?) that someday he would have me drinking black coffee. Obviously this is never happening, but he still believes.


  1. I really love the peachy pink on you (you can pull off any hair color and I am so jealous!), and this outfit is adorable. You look like a beautiful cartoon character! I can only drink coffee with a ton of cream and sugar too, and even then I avoid it because I'm so sensitive to caffeine!

    xox Sammi

    1. Ah! I wish I could always look like a cartoon character! My life would be great then! And I am the same way! I can't even really finish a cup before I get all jittery. Shame though, sometimes I could really use the energy!

  2. This haircolor is just gorgeous on you! I don't think I'll ever go red again, either, even though it was super fun while it lasted. It's just way too much upkeep for me. I hope you keep the peach/pink for a long time, though, because it suits you so well! It makes your eyes pop nd your skin looks so creamy and perfect!
    I love your outfit, too. The pattern mixing is spot on!

    Haha, I NEVER thought I would drink coffee black until I went Paleo due to dairy/grain/legume allergies, and now, while I prefer it with almond milk, I CAN drink it black and enjoy it if I have to. I think part of food preferences, for me anyway, depends on what is available. Without knowing I had dairy intolerance, I never would have even tried black or almond milk coffee and I'd never have liked it that way.

    1. Thank you very much! It is certainly a strange hair color, and while I love it, it is already proving to be a great amount of upkeep unfortunately, so I may just let it fade to blonde.

      Oooo a dairy intolerance! Yuck! Michael is lactose intolerant, and I used to have a complete milk allergy, but I outgrew it thankfully. Almond milk is my life though. So good! So much better than milk!
      <3 Rya