Rockin' With My Rocksbox

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I am so excited to share this post with you guys! So excited in fact, that I have pushed aside the photos I planned to post today so I could share this with y'all as soon as possible! I was contacted a bit back by a lovely lady from Rocksbox, asking if I'd like to try out their designer jewelry subscription box, and after checking the website out for myself, I quickly responded with a very happy 'yes please!' The gist of the subscription box is that you are sent a set of jewelry based on a personality quiz you fill out and a wish list you can curate on the site. Once you receive it, you can borrow the pieces for as long as you like, buy items you love, and send back the pieces at any time for another personalized set! It's a pretty amazing deal for only $19/month, but it gets even better! With a special code at the bottom of this post, you can get your first month entirely free within 30 days of this posting, and after that you can get 50% off! Yep! I think that's a beyond awesome deal!

::photos by m::
forever 21 top :: american eagle jeans :: lucky flats from marshalls :: icing hat :: jewelry c/o rocksbox :: mac lipstick in taupe

I only realized after taking these photos that you can kind of see my bralet underneath, so my bad for that! Also, ignore the giant blue bandaid on my thumb, I suffered a freak fingernail snapping accident and it was gnarly. Anyways, I am in love with the pieces I was sent, and am definitely thinking about purchasing the earrings!

As promised, the code to get your free month of Rocksbox is ryapiexoxo which you can enter at checkout! As stated, you only have 30 days to use this before it only gets you 50% off, which is still a great deal (and never expires), but it can't beat free! 

And, as a final touch, I did film a video talking about the box in more detail for you guys! Woo! So you can always watch that and learn more about how I feel, and about all the things I adored about getting  my first box! Is it just me, or do you ever wonder what a blogger's voice sounds like? I do all the time, and I love getting to see videos of bloggers I follow and finally hear what they sounds like. I feel like we get so used to looking at images of people that we forget sometimes that they are moving and breathing humans. Maybe you don't. That's just my 2 cents. Anywhizzle, here's the video!


  1. So, you sound exactly how I imagined you would. I loved seeing a video of you! I totally agree, people tend to forget bloggers are actual people, and it's super fun seeing videos to add more to the connection. I so need to start doing videos again; I miss it!

    Ah, I wish I had money to just subscribe to all the jewelry, clothing, makeup, product, and food subscriptions ever. They always look SO fun. I'm about to try NatureBox because my husband told me I should (and when he tells me to buy something, I never say no...) and because it's got lots of healthy snack options that I can customize to my dietary restrictions. I'm super excited to test it out!

    Anyway! I love the jewelry they sent you; I hope you decide to keep those earrings. They're so perfect on you!

    1. I do love videos! I'm glad my voice wasn't a complete shock, haha. I used to always wish it was softer or higher pitched, but now I'm chill with how it is. Someone told me the other day that I should be on the radio, which just made me laugh. I don't think I'm calm enough to be a radio personality.

      I completely agree! Every time I see a new subscription box I totally think I need it. Luckily my mom is nice enough to pay for the one I currently have, and even luckier I'm getting to try my first months of Rocksbox for free. Thank goodness because I'm already addicted. The Naturebox sounds amazing! I would love healthy snack delivery! Yum. Let me know how it is!

      <3 Rya