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Thursday, February 19, 2015

When I was contacted by a lovely lady from Sammy Icon to try out some of their socks I was pumped! While if you can see my socks in my outfits they are most certainly knee-highs, when I began browsing their site, I started to wonder why we don't show off our awesome socks more! The socks on their site have such personality that is was hard to pick out my pairs! Luckily they were kind enough to offer me three pairs, so along with these bright babies, I got some matching couple's love socks for M and I that I am actively preparing to photograph.

The socks I chose came to me quickly and the quality is wonderful! They are a cotton-blend and fit like a dream. Most socks that aren't tiny little ankle socks (and sometimes even those) are quite large on my feet, but these fit like a....sock? Fit like a glove doesn't seem the correct phrase for the situation, haha. I am in love and you will definitely be seeing these socks around here more after this. If you like what you see, you should definitely check out the Sammy Icon, read their about page (it's absolutely darling), and browse their sock selection.

socks c/o sammy icon :: vans sneakers :: american eagle jeans :: bershka jacket :: bershka top :: ray ban sunnies :: goody headbands

I had originally planned to have Michael take these photos downtown because I felt like the outfit would go best with a more urban setting, but after having brunch he had to run off to work, so I ended up taking them myself in our yard, but I really like how they turned out! Plus, my Ray Bans were at home, and they matched the socks way too well not to have in the photos. 

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