The Spongebob Movie

Saturday, February 21, 2015

So on this day, I got home from class is a super slump (we've been learning about the partition of India all week and it is beyond depressing) and Michael immediately knew I needed cheering up. "What would make you happiest right now?" He asked after a big hug. "I want to go see the new Spongebob movie and pig out," I responded with quite a pout. "Ok, let's go. Right now. We're seeing Spongebob." And off we went. It's moments like this that remind me just how devoted and loving Michael is. Not that I ever forget, but it's these small things, these moments of such selfless love that I know just how lucky I am. So off we went. We bought tickets for Spongebob in 3D, ate some lunch, and then went to see the movie. We were the only ones in the theater, which is always nice because I love to talk through films. The movie was beyond hilarious, and even M laughed a bunch, which I wasn't expecting because I am the Sponge lover in our house, not him.  

::His Look::
target sweater :: target button-up :: levi 514 jeans :: florsheim shoes
::Her Look::
asian icandy top :: h&m skirt :: target kids tights :: loly in the sky shoes from modcloth :: goody headband :: mac lipstick in sushi kiss

The day ended up being just what I needed, and I thought M looked very handsome in his outfit, so I decided to include him in the post as well. It's a shame we didn't bring the tripod to get photos together, but oh well. 

And, for my random fact #2, yellow is my absolute favorite color. Pink and powder blue come in a close second.


  1. You both look very nice! I love your tights and yellow shoes especially, so adorable!

    With Love, Elizabeth @ Whimsical Thoughts

  2. Awww I loved this! Michael is such a sweetheart (and looked so nice in his outfit, might I add! Love a man in teal!)! I also talk through movies!! It drives Cody and my friends CRAZY!! ;)

    In a Nutshell...

    1. I mean, how do people not talk through movies? Seriously! Why count it as a social event if you're quiet the whole time? It's nonsense!

  3. Yellow is so underrated, people are too afraid of it. It's my second favourite colour after red

    1. Yes! It is severely underrated! I completely and totally agree.