Two Bathtubs & A Rowboat

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

These two purple bathtubs and this blue rowboat have been in our yard since we moved here. I've always laughed at the idea of taking photos on them because I thought they were so bizarre and tacky. However, today they struck me differently. I looked at them and thought to myself, 'now those could work!' Has anyone else experienced this? It's certainly not the prettiest part of our yard, but I liked it for this outfit.

heartsoul top :: forever 21 shorts :: urban outfitters socks :: icing hat :: ivanka trump flats from marshalls :: mac lipstick in plum dandy :: gifted brooch :: button bracelet from hot toddy

I find I'm pretty tired today. Not too much to say. I just washed my hair and it is substantially faded, practically blonde. So tomorrow I plan to stop by Sally's and tone it and try and get a more bubblegum color myself. I've read that by mixing a smidge of pink dye into your conditioner it fights fading, so that's something I'll have to try. 

In un-hair-related news, I'm thinking about subscribing to a workout and meal plan to finally get healthy. I am incredibly out of shape, and I can't stand when people laugh when I say that! Just because I am small does not mean I can run a mile or do more than ten pushups. I am so out of shape. And M and I could definitely both stand to eat better. So I'm looking at some plans that involve small but intense workouts and guides to eating healthy. Any suggestions you want to throw my way would be great!

And my random fact for this post is that I never finished reading the Harry Potter series. I read up to the sixth book, however when the seventh book came out, a friend told me the ending (I couldn't say no, I love spoilers!), but since then I've never read the seventh myself! I own all of them still, and two summers ago tried to reread the series, but only got through the third before life got in the way. I think one of the first things I'll do after I graduate is finally finish the entire series, beginning to end. I love Harry Potter.


  1. cool

  2. I am JEALOUS you have those random items in your backyard! What a stellar backdrop! Haha i bet those bath tubs were used as gardens by a prior tenant. Can't you imagine them filled with flowers or veggies? So cool!

    In a Nutshell...

    1. Oh my goodness they would be great as veggie gardens! They'd have to be fenced off though because we get deer occasionally. I think they were originally in the two cabins on the property as a part of the original B&B stuff and were removed to put in showers (so sad).

  3. I love those bathtubs! The whole backdrop is so perfect for this outfit, especially with the tubs being purple!

    I'm trying to get healthy, too; well, healthier. I really need to get back to eating Paleo entirely, since I'm dairy intolerant, allergic to grains, and possibly allergic to legumes. I always feel so much better eating "clean." And I totally understand -- I've never been small, but I have friends who are naturally slender yet don't work out much, and don't have the stamina to run a mile or whatever. I don't, either, heh. I hate hiking just for that reason, because I have really bad stamina due to never walking or exercising. It's so bad! I've been trying to just walk more -- I've always read that's the best thing for your body -- so every day that's sunny, I take a short walk with Asa.

    Those shorts remind me of a vintage bag I have. I love them!

    1. Yes! So far it's still the only time I've ever wanted to use them as a backdrop. I fee like they only go with specific outfits, haha.

      Yes! Clean eating! Who knew! My parents never had super fantastic eating habits, so I never had all the tools to really eat "clean" before. Michael and I are already feeling a difference after less than a week of following the eating guide I got. I don't feel gross and weighed down after meals and have more energy already. I'm just sad I didn't start doing this before! Silly me! I think walking is just fantastic and I definitely need to do it more! I mean, we have a puppy, we should be going on walks every day! It always feels so good when we do, but life always seems to have a different plan.

      Ah! I wish I had a vintage bag to match these shorts! I got them because they made me think of an old couch or something.

      <3 Rya