A Sweater & Jeans

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lately I seem to get dressy more often than not, and sometimes I forget the absolute beauty of just wearing a sweater and jeans. Today all I did was pick up some things I need in town (like black printer ink and some jeans that fit properly) and it was so nice to just throw something together quickly, top it with some accessories, and head on out! Ah, sweaters are a great thing, am I right? Having a handpicked set of jewelry from Rocksbox that all mesh together with a perfect amount of pizazz makes looking put together beyond simple. Plus, it's so exciting to have new things to wear and try out. I know I've been blathering all over any social media about it lately, but I really am hooked on the whole concept of the Rocksbox. And don't forget that you can get your first month entirely free with the code ryapiexoxo but you can find out all about that in this review post. It was also fun to build something that would allow the pieces to shine, because I just threw them on top of what I already had on when I featured them last.

american eagle jeans :: pearl sweater :: apri booties from marshalls :: gold bangle from old navy :: smaller earrings from target :: all other jewelry c/o rocksbox :: mac lipstick in chili

Once again I know there aren't a lot of photos here, which I apologize for. I've been super sleepy and run down lately. Thankfully my quarter is almost over, which means the stress train will be pulling into my station and letting me deboard. I plan to take some easy smaller classes for my very last quarter of college (omg so weird to say) so hopefully I'll be done with the giant stress ball that is my life.

In happier news, my parents officially started their trek back up to the pacific north west! They'll be back here in no time and that is super exciting! I cannot wait to go shopping with my mom, and introduce Chai to their dogs! It'll be so nice to no longer be the only one in my entire family in Washington. Woo!

And random fact is: when we first got Chai and didn't know what to name her, we were debating "Mo" for Mozart because classical music put her right to sleep on our very first car ride with her. Then Michael wanted to name her "Breakfast" after I said that I like food names for animals. I insisted that "Breakfast" would be ridiculous, and then we agreed that since he got complete creative license with Lady Foot's name, I would get to name our new baby whatever made me happiest. I, of course, went with Chai, which I still think was the correct name. Although, we call her "Boo-Boo" about 50% of the time, so she responds to that as well, haha. (Also, I totally wanted to name Lady Foot "Mochi" or "Eggroll" but Michael won out with the ever illustrious Lady Foot Moon Dancer when all was said and done.)


  1. Haha, I love the process for naming Chai -- just wait till you have kids if you ever plan to have kids. My husband suggests the most RIDICULOUS names and sometimes it's just hilarious. He suggested Asa's middle name by telling me this joke: "I heard a comedian say once that with the first kid, you name them something really special, like 'you were named after your grandpa and my uncle' but once you get to the fifth kid it's like 'eh, you were named after a sandwich.'" and then he goes "How about Reuben?"

    I just went "uh... I don't want to name our child after a sandwich." But then I looked it up, and it means "Behold, a son!" which is perfect because I always wanted a son first, so... middle name, it is!

    Anyway. I think Chai is the perfect name for Chai!
    And I love the unexpected open back of your sweater! Little details like that just make outfits that much better (even though it's great without that detail, too!)

    1. That sandwich story is just the best. I love it. I can absolutely see Michael doing something exactly like that. Oh goodness. What a fun future I have to look forward to! Haha.

      It is sadly really hard for me to find shirts or sweaters with tulip backs. I think it was a super quick fad that came and went and I love how they look with high-waisted jeans! Oh well.

      <3 Rya