Baby Doll Lashes

Monday, March 9, 2015

So I decided to mix it up from the lipsticks for a second to do a little tutorial on how I do my everyday baby doll eyelashes. It's pretty much beyond simple, but I figured that at one point in my life I didn't know jack about applying mascara, so maybe this would be helpful, or at least interesting for a few readers. Basically my every day look consists of a light dusting of powder to even out my skin, some blush, lipstick (obvs), and mascara. I do enjoy a good cat eye every now and then, but this is a tutorial for how I do my mascara most days.

To start off, this mascara right here is the bomb dot com. If you're feeling pretty "meh" about any mascara you may have, I'd suggest this one. My momma got it for me for Christmas and I am in love. The great thing about it is that you can either the wand as it is, with ample amounts of product on it, or you can use the secondary lid, which pulls the wand through a tube, getting off any excess product and leaving you with a small amount to work with. Because it does this, it is perfect for bottom lashes or touch ups. Scroll down to see what I mean. The picture makes more sense.

See? Awesome! Anyways, the first step is to apply a thick coat of mascara onto your top lashes. When you do this, make sure to use the wand to pull the lashes nearest to your nose inwards to your face, the middle lashes straight up, and to fan the outer lashes outwards and away from the center of your face. By brushing them in three different directions, this opens up your eye, and gives you that fanned out, wide-eyed, baby doll look. I've tried my best to demonstrate what I mean below. Also, application (especially for those with deeper set eyes) will be much easier if done looking at a downward angle into a mirror, instead of up or straight on. 

The above photo is a (slightly out of focus) before and after to show the difference between mascara on one set of upper lashes and none on the other. 

The next step is to use the slimmer version of the wand with less product (or a wiped off wand) to apply mascara to only the outer corners of your bottom lashes. Don't apply past the middle point at most. I find the easiest way to apply to the bottom lashes is to place the wand where you want the mascara to start, and lightly pull the wand downwards and inwards (towards your face). Doing this will help to avoid clumps.

Above is another before and after so you can see the difference! And that's it! A super simple baby doll eye! You can add a second coat to the top and bottom to make them really pop, or just leave it at one. Also clean up and smudges and mistakes (we all make them) with a dry, pointed q-tip. Yay!


Well, I hope this was helpful or at least interesting to y'all, and I'll be seeing you next Makeup Monday with more cosmetic goodness! 

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  1. It's so funny how there are things about makeup we do so easily, yet realize that we didn't know how to apply once. I got asked a lot how to apply eyeliner, which to me is SO simple.
    That mascara wand is awesome -- how it can pull through the tube for less product, or be used with lots! I end up wiping my brush off with a tissue if I want less mascara, and I feel like that wastes some product.
    Your skin is SO beautiful, by the way!