Barrette Ideas For Short Hair

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Simple Clip

Hey there all! I thought instead of a makeup post, I'd do a hair post! Partly because I wanted to mix it up, and party because I couldn't wait to share these amazing vintage French barrettes I was sent by the lovely Olivia from Mane Message! They are so amazing! She sent them stupid quickly and even included a little handwritten note for me, which I loved. I decided I wanted to use my Makeup Monday (which is really for anything beauty related) to show a few different ways that those of us with short hair can style barrettes. I know more than anyone that when you have short hair your options can feel really limited. That's one of the main reasons it takes me so long to grow my hair out, I keep wanting a different style. So for all of those with short hair (or even those with medium or long, these really will work for anyone) here are some different ways to style your barrettes. And while you're looking, you might as well head over to Mane Message and pick up a few clips for yourself! Michael picked out my pink seagull and I adore it!

The Side Pull 

The Fringe Twist

The Back Bump