Just A 90's Baby

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Even though this isn't my usual style as of late, I still greatly enjoy imbibing in the 90's revival going on at the moment. Fashion will always have an element of dress up for me, and I like the change of pace from my go-to girly ensembles. While most 90's inspired pieces get a quick "meh" from me as I pass them by, there are a few that inspire me to build a look around them. These pants and top were two of those such pieces.

These jeans may actually never leave my body. Ok, that's a lie, but they are my new favorite pants by far. I hadn't stepped into Hollister since high school pretty much, but M and I went in the other day and they have really changed their look since I was last in. There were cute matching sets, and pretty lace things, I was so impressed! They also happened to be having a jeans sale, and I spotted these acid washed beauties and fell in love. They are high waisted, which is basically what I wear now in jeans (plus regular Hollister ones are wayyyy too low cut) and the fact that they are cropped means they are the perfect length for my tiny short legs! All-in-all, they fit like a dream and I definitely need to see what other washes they come in. 

american eagle top :: hollister jeans :: bdg cardigan from urban outfitters :: steve madden booties from dsw :: mac lipstick in rebel

My quarter is finally drawing to a close, which is coming as a huge relief to me. I plan to take some easy-peasy classes for my very last quarter, like beginner Spanish (even though I took two years of it in high school...shhhhh), a creative writing and poetry class, and a class on *drumroll please* kindness. Oh yes. Let us not forget I go to The Evergreen State College. I will be taking a class on kindness and I will love every second of it. Needless to say I am excited. Hopefully I get in to all of them, because finding smaller credit classes with schedules that don't clash is quite a feat. (Just in case anyone doesn't know, Evergreen works on a system of credits with no grades, so you usually take one 16 credit class a quarter, not several smaller credit ones.)

In other news, my parents will be back tomorrow night or early Thursday! I am super excited about this! I really cannot wait to see my mom and dad and pets again. I keep thinking of all the playmates Chai will have and all the free laundry I'll be able to do! Oh yes. No more laundromats. Thank you sweet, sweet laundry gods.


  1. I LOVE high-waisted jeans. They are so much more comfortable on my gut and are more flattering - no muffin top feeling. I also enjoy them not sliding down all the time! Yours are super cute. I like my jeans darker but you look so cute in the lighter wash!

    In a Nutshell...

    1. Yes! They are so much more comfortable, and you never have to worry about pulling them up so your undies don't show! Too many pants these days are super low rise. I'm so glad that high-waisted ones are coming back in style! And thanks very much!

  2. This whole outfit + makeup is so cute and fun! I also love your hair. :)