Shades of Blue

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Yeah I'm doing the 90's thing again. These little t-shirts are so very soft and comfy! And I've already told you guys I'm living in these pants, so there's that. I really enjoyed wearing an outfit that consisted entirely of the same color in different shades. Plus I will wear my Belfast City Council beanie any chance I can get. It just cracks me up. There was a random closet in the dorm house I stayed in with my classmates in Ireland, it held extra blankets and such, but it also had random clothes left behind by other travelers, and when I found this beanie I decided it needed a new home. I definitely don't get to wear it enough.

hollister jeans :: american eagle top :: bershka jacket :: steve madden shoes from dsw :: thrifted beanie :: bueno backpack from tj maxx :: urban decay eyeshadow in gunmetal as lipstick

My final essay is finally all finished, so that is a huge weight off my shoulders! The rest of the quarter should feel like a walk in the park now hopefully.

And my parents are officially back in town! So that's exciting and keeping me busy. Their larger dog Cody is becoming fast friends with Chai, and the last time I brought her over they pounced around for quite awhile until they were both entirely tuckered. It was absolutely darling to watch. I really wish Michael could have seen it because it would have completely warmed his heart. 

And my random fact for this post is that when I was a young child, my grandmother bought me a disposable camera. I ran around all day snapping photos and when it was full I ran over to her and asked her what to do next. Well, she promptly took it from me and threw it away, saying that it's a disposable camera because you throw it away when you're done. This story just cracks me up.


  1. You look amazing in every style! By the way, I have really sensitive eyes and your font for the post body of text makes it really hard for me to read the writing + hurts my eyes a little :(

    1. Ah thank you for saying something! I always love feedback like that so I know things I can improve! I'm on it!

  2. Haha, your grandma! That's hilarious!

    I love seeing you mix up your style, and you wear this SO perfectly! The wall, the outfit, the lipstick; everything about this is just fantastic!
    by the way, I'm so happy for you that your parents are back in town! How exciting!

    1. I am so glad you like this! Sometimes when I wear something far out of my norm, I worry about putting it on my blog and totally throwing people off. At the same time though, fashion is such a fun parade and I want to try out lots of things! You know how it is. Mixing it up is such fun, even if it's nothing you'd wear every day.

      <3 Rya

    2. I know what you mean! I like to keep my style cohesive, especially on my blog, but sometimes it's just fun to mix it up. And who says you have to wear the same style all the time anyway? ;)