That 70's Skirt

Saturday, March 28, 2015

This is only the second time I've worn this amazing skirt (here's the first), and with each wear I find myself more and more drawn to all things with a 60's/70's sort of vibe. I am just eating it all completely up! I even recently decided (since M and I desperately need some living room furniture anyway) to go with a 70's theme for our main living spaces. I'm pretty pumped. I was originally going to do the whole house in a shabby chic theme (our bedroom already is in full swing), but it seemed a tad cruel to force M to deal with all that girliness just because I adore the aesthetic. Plus, I love both looks completely, so why not have both? I figure having a less blaringly effeminate space will not only be more suitable for a home I'm building with M (versus around him), but will also probably make guests more comfortable as well. Plus, it's a great way for me to explore each theme more, I think. I am equally drawn to french style shabby chic pieces in all pastels as I am the gorgeous burn oranges and olive greens of the 70's era. Overall, I'm having fun with it. My mom and I just picked up gorgeous vintage chair on the cheap that is a lovely velvety burnt-gold-orange-brown swivel rocker. I am in love.


Along with finding a totally spiffy chair, momma and I also found a matching sleeper couch (not like a set matching, just looks good matching) that was a steal and goes with the 70's vibe. While perusing the antique stores downtown she found a super cute little table cloth for her plant table and an amazing hutch that I am completely jealous of. I found a gorgeous dress that was handmade in the 60's (cannot wait to show y'all), a vintage lace nightgown for $10 (insane!), a really crazy vintage top that is covered in poppies, and some truly fantastic vintage brooches (I put a picture of them on Insta, if you're interested)! I am so jazzed with our day. The best part is definitely not having to sit on the horrible sofa M and I currently have. The new one hasn't been delivered yet (no way it was fitting in Mom's van), but the chair was transportable so I am currently snuggled into it like there is no tomorrow. 

In other news, M and I are getting used to the way the new camera functions and is laid out. It is super different from my old T2i, but in all the good ways. The fact that the shutter can go above 1/4000 is just peachy keen. Not that it's totally necessary, but it really comes in handy when I need to shoot in broad daylight (like these photos) before M goes to work and I don't want to sacrifice my aperture settings. Ah yes, a world where you don't have to pick between properly exposed photos and shallow depth of field. It's the sweet life.

And to end on a cheery note, mom and I also popped into TJ Maxx today to look for a notebook for one of my classes (no luck), and a very kind older lady came up to me and complimented my eyebrows! Then she asked me how I do them, do I use a pencil? I told her that I outline them and then fill them with an eyeshadow (see a tutorial here). She smiled and started to walk away, before turning back and asking, "an eyeshadow, like?" *pointed to eyelid*, to which I responded, "yep!" She complimented me again and then went on her way. I felt so overwhelmed and flustered and happy with the whole situation. It only struck me afterwards that I could have said something like, "I actually blogged a tutorial on how I do them, if you're interested!" but I fear that something along those lines may seem too weird? Or too self-centered? What would you do? What have you done in similar situations? Help!