Tone It Down

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A lot went on the day Michael took these lovely photos of my outfit. We woke up, I did my workout, we ate breakfast, I got ready, and then off we went to Evergreen for my eval. I had possibly the best eval I've had my four years here, which left me feeling like I developed a real connection with my amazing professor. We snapped these photos on campus before we headed out to reschedule a tattoo appointment of Michael's. I've never taken photos on campus before, for fear that I would be pretty heavily judged my those around me, and also because it's usually pretty busy and I didn't want to be in anyone's way when taking photos. Luckily, during eval week the campus is pretty empty, so we had the time to take some uninterrupted shots. 

For those who don't know, Evergreen is a liberal art college, where instead of grades, you receive credits based on your performance in class. You typically only take one class a quarter which is worth 16 credits, although you can opt to take multiple smaller classes, which is what I'm doing for spring quarter. There are also no required classes, which allows you to study only what interests you, which really can't be beat. There are personal evals at the end of each quarter between just you and your professor to discuss how many credits you're receiving and how the class went, things of that nature. Basically, I love the way my school works, and while Evergreen gets mocked more than its fair share, it really follows a great educational model. But that's just my opinion, and a bit of background for you. 


After we rescheduled, Michael and I came home, had our yummy lunch, did some chores, and headed out to my parents place so that we could cook them a dinner we really enjoyed from our new meal plan. It involves some lean and healthy burgers with portabella mushrooms as the buns, as well as sweet potato fries. Super healthy, super yum. They seemed to enjoy it. All in all, it was a great day and I really enjoyed myself. I can never get enough family time, and watching Michael cook is always a treat. I just love a man who cooks. 

Also, the mint necklace is the other piece I got in my second Rocksbox! Isn't it beyond amazing? I am definitely keeping it and swapping the others two pieces out. Don't forget you can get your first month free free free with the code ryapiexoxo which means as many box swaps as your heart desires. Hop on it before it's only 50% off!

And as a finishing note, I have officially toned my hair! If you follow me on Instagram, you already know this. I was initially afraid that I had made it too ashy, but I am completely in love with this color! Much better than how totally yellow and uneven it was, for sure. My hairdresser even approves, so it must be a job well done. No more red hair for me. I promise now and forever with all of you reading as my witness. Hold me to it! I mean it! Verbally harass me if I even talk about thinking about it! Yep. Thanks in advance.


  1. Beautiful photos! This burgundy is really pretty on you, and the grass here looks like a movie set or something -- it's so perfect! Your hair looks great, too. And mmmmm sweet potato fries...

    xox Sammi

    1. Thank you! My campus is super grassy green like this all over, actually. It's a gorgeous place. Well, besides the buildings...which are all they're just ominous and grey. And yes! Sweet potato fries forever and ever and ever! My clean eating plan includes them a lot, which I am *so* ok with.
      <3 Mariah

  2. As a Bennington alum, I know what you mean about people mocking your college for being "different" :) I absolutely loved having the ability to craft my own education and not worry about grades. Now that I am teaching, it is so bizarre to me how hung up my students are about their grades! I wish they were that concerned with, you know, actually learning or getting something out of their experience.

    I just found your blog and I love it, by the way!

    1. I can see that being a strange switch up! In high school I was definitely hung up on grades, but now I can't imagine functioning in that system when I've existed in one that allowed me to focus on growth and not just complete achievement. It's always nice to find someone with a similar experience!

      I'm so happy you found me! Thank you so much! That sweater vest you blogged is fantastic!

      <3 Mariah Alysz