Yellow Like Springtime

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The weather has been so nice lately guys! It is just making me beyond excited for springtime and better yet, summertime! I absolutely do not do well in the winter, so finally seeing blossoms on trees and sun in the sky does absolute wonders for my mood. I just want to wear all the bright colors and take Chai on all the walks and just go sit in the sun until I turn into a raisin! Oh yes. I cannot wait for it to get warm enough to wear shorts and dresses! I'm super giddy just thinking about it! For now though, it's nice just to be able to wear a short sleeved top with a light jacket and flats because it's not raining. I'll take what I can get. Sunshine forever!

rebellious one top :: old navy pants :: bershka jacket :: loly in the sky shoes from modcloth :: goody headbands :: mac lipstick in lipblossum

Ok so I need some help here from any of my pastel, or previously pastel haired gals. I had my hair all pretty and pink and I feel like it faded even before I ever washed it! Like somehow the sun or my straightener made it fade. The only time I've gotten it wet since I had it pretty in pink I didn't shampoo and just let some conditioner, with pink dye in it, sit on my hair! However despite all my efforts, it's still just gone right back to a very blonde/peach. It's not that I mind, it's not a bad color, I'm just wondering if anyone else has had such fast fading? Or tips for keeping pink hair actually pink? I've heard maybe doing a color wash before washing? Who knows. Hit me up! If it keeps fading though, I think I'll just let it be blonde until I can tone it and try pastel blue. Hmmm.

Anyways, did I tell you guys I finally decided upon a fitness and clean eating program? Yes! I am so excited! It's Blogilates. The woman who is behind it is extremely inspiring and happy! I had found one of her videos on YouTube forever ago and loved it, so I was super happy to come across her again in  my search for a health program. She makes free monthly workout calendars, which is awesome, and has a great 8 week clean eating guide that I am about to start! Due to all of this exciting business, I will be posting about my experience and any change I go through, so be expecting an occasional fitness/health post in the future.

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  1. I love those flats! I've seen them here and there over the years, and I always wish I had them. And I LOVE the combination of that top and those pants. I really, really need some patterned pants in my life!
    I don't really have any tips for keeping pink longer, but I know that using certain specific shampoos and sticking some dye in your conditioner and not using hot water to wash all help. And washing as little as possible. I hope you find a way to keep the pink around for longer!