You've Got Mail

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sometimes I am really happy that Michael works nights. I'm stressing sometimes because most times I really hate not having him here for dinner or to fall asleep with. Last night he got home at 2am and I just detest that. However, the fact that he can take my outfit photos before I go do things or just before the sun sets is a huge plus, especially since I just realized that my new 5d Mark III can't do self timer shots in bursts like my T2i, so no more tripod shots for me until I get a wireless remote. Seriously, have some of you ladies been running back and forth for one shot at a time? Because that is commitment! My Rebel would do a burst of 10, which was really nice. The good news is that all my classes this quarter are either at night or later in the day, so I'll be able to have M take my photos before I go to class, score! He's also handy for lifting me up onto mailbox beams that I can't get onto on my own, and holding me tight while I scream because I think I'm going to fall off. (I was no where near falling, but edges just freak me out so bad for some reason.) But really, having someone to take your photos just makes life better. I definitely would not have been able to take these shots on my own, self timer in bursts or not. No one wants to have a tripod in the middle of a busy road. 


I am so excited about how things panned out this day! I woke up and made a delicious clean version of black rice pudding for breakfast while M slept in late. Then I got ready and my momma came over to take me grocery shopping and Goodwill browsing. I was so excited to go thrifting with her again! We used to go together all the time and I haven't really been since she moved away two years ago, because something about Goodwill just unsettles Michael. He says he imagines people sweating excessively in all the clothes and it just freaks him out. It's honestly kind of funny, but I have missed having a thrifting buddy. Today I was in search of some random dishes and other props for my food photography. I've really been in need of some more photographic things for a long time, but I was doing food posts so sporadically that I never remembered. Now that I'm trying my best to do a recipe weekly, it became really obvious how badly I needed some more photogenic food accessories. I definitely made out like a bandit. I found some great placemats, a sweet tablecloth, some plates, some bowls, a pretty fork, and a nice round cutting board. I also found a totally jazzy 50's (looking or vintage, who knows) vase that I am obsessed with. And lastly two tank tops, and a totally snazz skirt. Oh yes. And all for $37 dollars! Crazy. In short, I really missed Goodwill. Momma and I got groceries after this (I am starting week 4 of my clean eating meal plan!), picked up some Jamba, and then headed on home. Overall, a super good day. My first day of class is tomorrow (I'm typing this on Sunday for those who are confused), and I'm pretty excited. Although, my class that is supposed to be on Tuesdays/Thursdays hasn't officially posted the schedule, so I don't even know where it is! Stressful! Oh well. It'll all work out. 


  1. I really like the 90s vibe going on in this outfit. This shade of lipstick looks wonderful on you and the mixed prints are fantastic too. Those boots are also super cool. My sister has been looking for a pair like those!
    And I highly suggest ordering a remote for your camera. I always remote my pictures! They're really inexpensive and so handy for taking pictures by yourself.

    Jamie |

    1. Thank you so much! I definitely couldn't do the whole 90's vibe every day, but I do love it on occasion! And I officially have a camera remote! It has been life changing.
      ♡Mariah Alysz

  2. It's always neat to hear how others take their photos. I use a remote shutter for mine - it's easier for me to take them myself in the morning. Cody doesn't have a big photographer eye and he would just make fun of me as i got serious or started posing haha you're lucky Michael is the opposite! I can picture him even directing you!! haha but yeah, i can't imagine setting a timer and running back and forth!! Good luck finding an alternative! remote shutters rock if you can easily hide it in your hand or in your pocket, etc.

    1. Michael is definitely improving every time he takes photos! I usually plop him down where I want him after adjusting all the settings myself, but he is getting better and better, and does occasionally pose me now. It took me a long time for me to be comfortable with him doing it though, I used to be so super awkward!
      ♡Mariah Biswurm