Oly Farmer's Market

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I figured it was about time to start my Oly Sweet Spots posts, and what better place to start with than our lovely farmer's market? None! Everyone round these parts gets super excited for spring and summer because that means the market will be open and booming! I think it may be open fall/winter, but for much shorter hours and very few days...like the first Saturday of every month...or something. Maybe it's open then, but the buzz is in the spring and summer either way! Michael and I decided to head out early one morning and pick up some fruits and veg for week 7 (almost done!) of our meal plan and check out the general splendor, so I photographed some of my favorite booths, and just some randomness for you to enjoy, and go see if you're ever in the area!

Stewart's Meats
The above photo is from the Stewart's Meats booth, which has some of the best beef jerky you're ever going to consume. They are actually from Roy, the town right next to where I went to high school, and they were everyone's choice from fresh meat, jerky, or an occasional giant pickle. If you want good meat, this is where to get it. They also have a booth at Pike Place in Seattle, if you're in that area. We didn't get anything from them during this visit, but you can bet next time I'm getting jerky. Oooo it sounds so good.

Honey Bear Farm
The above two photos are from the Honey Bear Farm stand, where you will meet the nicest older lady and taste some of the yummiest local honey of your life. She also sells lotions, candles, and eggs! M and I always stop by to refill on honey if we're out, or just pick up some flavored honey sticks, because who says no to 25¢? Only a fool. This time we got pink lemonade, regular honey, vanilla chai....and something else that I can't recall. SO good. Easily my favorite shop in the whole market.

 After we had time to do a cursory sweep of the market and get some veggies, my mom met us there so she and I could hang out when Michael left for work. Also so that M could take my car, since it's better than his. We all got to spend a little time together before M had to leave, so that was nice. Once he left, I did some more shopping around the market with momma and then we went to lunch and ran some more errands. 

Jawa Gourmet Nut Roastery
Ah the nut roaster. Jawa Gourmet Nut Roastery, to be precise. So many nuts, so little time (and money). Mom and I went a little crazy and got about four different packs of nuts. Since she was buying, I only picked out one flavor (garlic cashews), but they were all so yummy. He even gave us a sample of a batch right out of the cooker. I died. Or just about. If you're a nut fan, this is a must-stop location. 

And that's it! I hope this was interesting to those of you who may never be in Olympia, and maybe encouraged those in the area to stop on by some time. If you're interested in other Sweet Spots posts, you can view them here.

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