Take Me Back To Arizona

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hey there all! I know I've been pretty MIA as of late, but here I am back in action! I was super gross sick for a hot second, and while I still didn't feel well when I took these photos, I had to get dressed for class either way, so I figured I might as well take photos. Michael and I popped into Best Buy the other day and bought a little remote for my camera, so these photos were my first go at using the remote instead of self-timer on bursts of 10. Let me just say, I love the remote. I am obsessed with the remote. Taking these photo was so quick, so easy! I didn't have to focus on some leaf I planned to try and stand on and hope to god that I would be in focus. Nope! I was never out of focus and things were so quick. Ah, yes I am in love. It was great too because it finally gave me a chance to play with my new camera all by myself! Not that I don't love Michael taking my pictures, because I do, but man was I itching to get a chance to take some photos myself!


If you didn't get it from the beginning of the post, I have really been missing Arizona lately. It is definitely what I would consider "home," and I just cannot understand people who don't want to wake up to some sand and a cactus or two. When mom and I were vintage shopping the other day, I spotted this gorgeous roadrunner brooch and I just had to have it so I could add a little bit of desert to my Washington getups. While my life plans don't have me moving to Arizona any time soon, I can still day dream. I have an appointment soon to get another tattoo that is very Arizona related, so I'm very excited about that and can't wait to show you guys when it gets done!

And that's it! I can't think of much else to say, and I am honestly still feeling pretty run down, so I think I'm going to go watch House Hunters and take a nap!


  1. YAY! See? Remotes open so many doors! I love that I can take pics whenever I want - no more waiting for Cody to be home or awake. I can just pop outside with my tripod and remote and boom! Love it!

    1. Yes! It is life changing for sure! I'm so glad I listened to everyone and got one!
      ♡Mariah Alysz