Temporary Tattoos

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I totally do not get all the hype around festival season. I mean, music is great, and I will rant to you about the amazingness of the desert more than anyone, but it just seems like a super commercialized excuse to completely alter your wardrobe for a few days. Maybe I'm being jaded. I do love the chill aesthetics of festival style, but it's kind of the same as desert boho, which some people just do all the time. Either way, it does provide some great style inspo, and never fails to make me miss Arizona. I think if I were to ever go to some sort of music festival, I would probably wear something like this. Laid back and comfy, with lots of bling, and some sweet temp tattoos. Although I would definitely need shorts instead of pants. (Dear Summer, please come to Washington, I miss my legs.)

I think it is just so spiff that temporary tattoos are all revamped and snazz and grown up lately. I love the incorporation of metallics because I desperately wish real tattoos could be metallic. I would be all gold and sparkles baby! But for now, I am loving the versatility of these little tattoos. I think it's neat how much they resemble jewelry, and they totally matched my sweet new Rocksbox pieces, so I had to throw some on before I took these photos. Also, they extended the amount of time that my code, ryapiexoxo can get you your first month of Rocksbox for freeeeeee, so hop on it y'all!

Speaking of tattoos, my appointment is coming up quickly and I may have changed my mind about what I'm getting. I still want my Arizona inspired piece for my arm, but other idea is just calling my name a little bit louder at the moment. I have also been playing with the idea for longer than my AZ piece. It all started at the beginning of last year when my amazing professor read our class the poem "Wild Geese," by Mary Oliver. If you haven't read it, then please do so immediately. Click. The. Link. Now. The message just spoke to me, and I felt like it came to me at a very important time of growth in my life. The poem felt meant for me. And while that may sound silly, I think that is the beauty of poetry. The fact that a poem can feel like it was just for you is what makes it such an amazing art. I really needed someone to tell me that is was ok not to be good. Being someone who has constantly struggled with society's expectations, especially with the ridiculous stigmas surrounding women and sexuality, the poem was the final push I need to embrace myself, my body, and my womanhood. I can never thank Sean enough for reading that poem to our class. It literally changed my life. 

Anywho, (I use that transition a lot, don't I?) I hope those of you going to festivals are having a great time, and those that aren't are having just as good of a time! Basically I want you all to be having a good time! I'm finally feeling better, so I'm excited to start working out again and actually doing things!

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