Scotch Broom

Sunday, May 3, 2015

I've always thought that Scotch broom was pretty. People around here hate on it so bad because it's a "weed," which has always been a word that I really don't care for. While it may be a more invasive plant, I love the way it brings a bright splash of yellow to the roadside. Perhaps it's because yellow is my favorite color, but I've never thought it was ugly. It's a lovely sign of spring and summer, and also a great backdrop for outfit photos! In Ireland there is an almost identical plant called gorse, which has thorns and smells - I kid you not - exactly like fresh coconut. It is the most amazing thing. I do wish our Scotch broom was gorse pretty often, but I guess I'll have to return to Ireland to experience that sweet coconuty smell. Either way, I think it's lovely and that people need to stop and appreciate the beauty in all plants before hating on them. I may or may not have told Michael that we shouldn't teach our kids that any plants are "weeds," which I thought he would think was crazy, but he totally agreed with me, so that's exciting.

After I did my hair this day, I looked in the mirror and wondered if it would ever look as good again. Do you guys ever get like that? Sometimes I'm looking at my hair or makeup and think, "what if this is as good as it gets?" I know it sounds silly, but you peak at some point, right? What if my hair had the best day of its whole life and it's already gone past? Ok, so I'm laughing at myself as I'm typing this, but sometimes my brain puts these things into my head.

This outfit is just something casual I put together for laundry day at my mom's place. I love a good chambray shirt for casual days, and the collar meant it was high enough to cover my tattoo, which is still healing and doesn't need to be exposed to sun or touch anything when I lean back. I love the way the blue stones in the cuff matched the top perfectly. I am just obsessed with the cuff. And on that note, remember you can get a free month of Rocksbox with the code ryapiexoxo entered at checkout!


  1. I'm loving the double denim going on here. Those shades of blue look amazing against all the yellow floral backdrop. Your hair really does look fantastic here too!

    Jamie |

    1. Thank you so much!
      I am so glad I decided to walk to this little patch of plants for my photos! The yellow and the blue are quite nice together, for sure.
      ♡Mariah Alysz