Like Swimming Pools

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I adore swimming. Most people don't know this about me because in Washington, at least where I'm at, there aren't a lot of swimming opportunities to be found. Growing up, I was always on the river in Arizona, or in a pool, or going white water rafting, or something. I love the water. Michael says I swim like a fish. Here in Washington though, I honestly think it's too cold most of the time to even think about being in natural bodies of water, and swimming pools are few and far between. I truly miss swimming with all my heart, and even though I rarely (if ever) get a chance to, I still buy a swimsuit every year with some sick hope that it'll get an appropriate amount of use. It most certainly never does. Either way, when I opened my latest Rocksbox and saw this gorgeous blue necklace it instantly reminded me of clear, cool swimming pool water. It doesn't look it as much when it's on, but when you look at it from above, the cuts in gems reflect down into themselves and look like sun ripples on the bottom on a pool. Do you know what I'm talking about? It's beautiful. It seriously stole my breath away for a moment because in that very brief blink of time I myself was diving into a little swimming pool. 


I know the whole concept may seem silly in all reality, but for a moment I really was transported to an almost childish sense of wonder and nostalgia. I suppose what I really should be doing instead of drooling over some necklace is finding a damn swimming pool. But still, I think pieces that we develop strong connections to, new or old, are always important. Whether you purchase the thing or not *fingers crossed I can buy this one* the power of being taken through time is wonderful on its own. Have you guys ever had an experience like that? 

The only other thing that has hit me as hard as this necklace was a teddy bear I found in my favorite antique shop lately. The bear himself isn't old, but he is handmade by an older lady somewhere in Washington. When I saw him sitting high atop a dresser in the shop (I think I was there for a lamp?) I immediately started crying. He has the exact same face, and I do mean exact, of my old dog Smudge, who had to be put down about two years ago. My mom and I had found him running along the side of the road when I was just a kid, so we popped him in our van and owned him ever since. He was a little lhasa apso and the teddy bear just is him. I immediately insisted that I had to have it while trying not to start balling insanely, and then proceeded to carry him like a baby to check out and buckle him in for the car ride home. Yes, I am that person. To me these random little encounters mean something, like a little bit of cosmic love from the universe; a sign that everything is ok and that my dog's love and spirit will always be with me. The bear, now named Smidge, sits on our bed. I like to think he's watching out for me, just like Smudge did.


  1. Gah! The feels! <3 <3
    I came here to look at your tapestry shorts, and I left with the feels.

    1. Haha I'm glad I could provide the feels! I feel a little accomplished to have drawn you in with the shorts, but that you actually bothered to read all my babbling! But they are pretty great shorts. I freaked when I saw them.
      ♡Mariah Alysz