My New Backyard

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

While we haven't moved yet, we've been up around the Seattle a lot lately, and the last time we up was to help clean out Michael's childhood room so we can move into it. Have I told you yet that we're going to be staying with his parents for awhile while we save up money to move for real? Because that's what's going on. So we snapped these photos in what is going to be our new backyard for a little bit. Not too bad. I'm actually kind of excited to move in. I love being around people, so adjusting to a new area will be much easier for me when people are around. Plus, then Chai doesn't have to be home alone as much, which makes me even happier. Overall, it's a good stepping stone for saving money before moving in *hopefully* with Katrina and her man.


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I'm personally really happy they sent me this orange necklace because it gave me a reason to wear this awesome butterfly kimono again! It has been so long since I've worn it; I think the last time was definitely over a year ago. I'm so happy I never donated it because I think it's a great piece that I need to wear more. Sometimes I try to stick to the if-you-haven't-worn-it-in-a-year-toss-it plan, but it definitely has its exceptions. One of which is this designer vest my mom and I found at Goodwill ages, and I do mean ages ago. It is so quirky and bizarre that I can't bring myself to scrap it even though I haven't worn it since high school. Do you have any pieces like that? 

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