Olympic Penn Pictures

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

So yesterday when I promised you all my gorgeous Olympic Penn photos that weren't of my outfit I seemed to have forgotten that they were basically all Michael and Chai. Apparently They were the only things I decided to take photos of during our drive. I'm not gonna lie, I have no regrets about it. I think they're better than any nature photo personally, but I figured I'd warn you before you invested any time in a post that consists mostly of my man and my dog. You have been fairly warned.

I think it's too funny how much Chai likes the water. I never expected a little dog to be so adventurous, but Chai is just our little explorer! She loves hiking and water and everything in-between. Hopefully these weren't too boring for you, I just had to share! 

Oh! Also, isn't M's giraffe shirt everything? The other day he opened his drawer and said to me, "I'm sick of opening my drawer and only seeing black. I'm getting some new shirts today." I freaked out! Who even is this guy? For some backstory if you haven't followed me long, M used to only wear black, grey, and occasionally brown. Consider my mind blow. I'm so happy that my colorful life is seeping over into his wardrobe.