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Thursday, July 23, 2015

After doing my awesome giveaway with Polette and totally swooning over their amazing sunglasses, they were kind enough to offer me a pair of their revolutionary (my word, not theirs) E-Polette frames, which are designed specifically to filter out the harmful blue light our eyes take in from the many tech-screens we just love to stare at all day long. I'm not going to lie, I was quite spectical (anyone? anyone?) about the whole thing and thought they sounded kind of gimmicky, but the joke was on me because these actually ended up saving me from poo-brain on multiple occasions. Basically, I cannot talk these things up enough and think that anyone who spends long amount of time staring at a screen should get a pair because they are stylish and beyond functional.

This outfit is a basic variation of the same thing I've been wearing on rotation so far this summer. Artist crops from AEO and some sort of easy shirt with sandals. Yep. Not too thrilling, I'm sure, but I like to keep it real with y'all, and on days where I'm just editing photos, or moving things, or unpacking, or catching up on blog posts (let's be real, I still need to do that one) I'm definitely not getting all dressed up. I will say that I did my eyebrows before taking these photos, but that's it. And you know I'm not taking a photo without my brows. Ha. 

But anywho, back to the glasses! I just want to say that I never really thought I suffered too badly from artificial computer light burning itself into my retinas. I never noticed anything until one night when I was up super late with some photos and my head start to feel mushy. It wasn't a headache, but my eyes were straining and my brain just felt blek. I figured I'd have to stop until I remembered I had these glasses and they instantly made it all go away the second I put them on. No joke. I wouldn't have believed me, but it's true. My only issue with them is since they filter out the blue light, they give things a slight warming effect, which is only a problem when I'm playing with filters or colors when in Lightroom. What I usually do to counter it is just take them off during that step of the process, and then don them for everything else. They truly are a life saver. I also found myself falling asleep way faster when I use them because the blue light can cause insomnia, which makes total sense, right? Ok, I'll stop now, but I definitely think you should get a pair...or two or three.

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