The Perfect Location

Friday, July 10, 2015

I spend a lot of time worrying if the place I photograph my outfits matches the "feel" of the outfit itself. For example, was it ok to shoot such a retro dress in such a rustic, rural area? Should I perhaps have wondered around trying to find the perfect lollipop shop or diner? When it comes to nature at least, I try to remind myself that if I did exist in the time period of whatever garment I'm wearing then I would most certainly be wearing it out and about in nature and not thinking it was strange. So I guess in some way the outdoors are the best place to style retro or vintage clothing because nature is the most timeless thing around. Although I can't say this won't keep me from searching for specific locations based on what I'm wearing. Do you guys do the same thing?


I must say that I had much better luck with the custom sizing of eShakti this time around! The first dress I was given, through no fault of their own, was much too large on top and I haven't been able to wear it as it is waiting for alterations to happen to it someday. However, I am so happy they contacted me again because the dresses I ordered this time around (the above one and one of the same cut but covered with flamingos!) fit like a dream. I suppose that's what I get for being too lazy to fully measure last time. Either way, I simply adore this dress. I love the cut, and though it's a little longer than I'd usually wear, I'm totally ok with it. Overall I'm quite pleased I finally have something that matches my little white shoes so well! 

Also, these photos were taken at an off leash dog park if you can believe it! It's not like the one in Olympia we used to take Chai to, which was completely fenced in, but is instead a huge area of tall grass and trails with no fencing whatsoever. We didn't let little Chewbs (the dog of a million nicknames) off the leash as she's still a little too independent for that, but it's for the best anyways because she got way too hot and ended up sitting in the car with the AC blasting while we finished taking photos. It is such a gorgeous place that I definitely hope to do more photos here soon. I'm thinking it could be fun to venture out without M and try some of my own, as I do enjoy staging my own shots. 

Anywho, that's about it! I hope y'all are having a great summer and staying a comfortable temperature! Scroll down for a photo of M with some wheat sticking out of his mouth. 


  1. Love that cameo of M at the end! We gotta get him back onto blogging. I love this look and I love seeing/taking photos against backdrops that almost juxtapose the outfit. I think it's cool to see opposites come together!

    1. Right?! He insists that it just wasn't for him, but I think he's just too lazy to actually put it together because he loves having his photo taken, lol.
      And I think you're completely right about the juxtapositioning. I spend too much time worrying about a perfect setting when unexpected things often work out just fine!