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Thursday, August 6, 2015

If you follow me on Twitter or Insta, then you've seen my photos testing out the amazing hair extensions the kind people at Irresistible Me were nice enough to send me. I wanted to give them several trial runs before doing any sort of review post on them, so that you guys could have my totally honest, tried and true opinion. And my final verdict is...........I love these things! They are so easy to put in and utterly fantastic looking! I've had multiple people compliment my "hair" when I've had them in, and one guy even asked what products I used to get my hair so healthy! Basically what I'm saying is that these extensions are super high quality, super easy to use, and super good looking! Read on for all the deets and a review video!

The extensions I ended up going with were their Royal Remy clip-ins in Royal Platinum Blonde, which matched the blonde already in my hair perfectly. I chose the 16" set with the 200g weight. These things are super durable, hold their style, and stay in your hair, which is probably the most important. If  you want to know anything else, just watch the video! And don't forget to check out the Irresistible Me site to get some extensions of your own so you can play pretend with me!

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