Let's Talk Photoshop

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sometimes I debate what to edit in the photos I post on here. Annoying background objects? Sure. Trash on the ground I didn't notice at the time? Totally. A rogue zit that I feel self-conscious about? Now I'm not so sure. Since getting off of birth control, the skin on my forehead has been wrecked. I know it'll take awhile for all the skin hormones to get back to normal, and that's chill, but I have always had perfect skin. Sure I would get the occasional pre-period pimple, but that was about it, and now that I am playing host to a small farm of bumps across my face, I get freaked out. I look at everyone else with their "perfect" skin, and shame myself into thinking that I need to coverup, to Photoshop out, any imperfections whatsoever. Then yesterday on Snapchat, I saw a video of one of the OITNB girls on her way to the Emmy's and the light showed that her forehead too had an outcropping of blemishes. I was weirdly taken aback. Celebrities don't have perfect skin! I mean, we all know this, but it's easy to forget in the stream of perfection that comes to us through the media. So this time, I didn't bandaid tool a single zit off my face. None whatsoever. This is how my skin is right now, and that is ok. It is on it's way to a more balanced, natural, and healthy state. And there shouldn't be any shame or embarrassment about that.


In other, non-Photoshop news, I wore this outfit for a meeting I had at a hair salon in Oly about being a hair model and possible stylist for their fall and holiday lookbooks. I landed the role, and have since gone shopping with the owner to pick out looks, so now I'm just waiting to have them do my hair and model in their shoot. I'm definitely nervous about it. I think I told you about it on Snapchat (@rya_pie), but for those of you who don't follow me, they're basically going to dye my hair whatever they think is "super blonde" (I'm thinking like a white blonde? Pretty pumped.) and then cutting it however they so please. The cutting would be the part I am freaking out about. It's taken me so long to grow it out from my shaved sides (yes that was a thing), that now I am feeling very attached to my hair. I had a dream the other night that they gave me the Jon & Kate +8 hair cut and I freaked out. I mean, they're a great salon, so I know it will look amazing, but right now I am riding the anxiety train full speed. 


  1. I loved your thoughts on photoshop. I try to keep my editing to a minimum - this is who I am! Accept it! It's not easy but it there is no need to hide! Also, when will we learn that small things that seem HUGE to us (like our pimples, or awkward double chin, or chipped nails, or a rogue button or belt loop in a pose) go unnoticed to others! Honestly! It's so funny what we zoom in on while others don't even notice our flaws!

    1. It is so true that we notice things others never would! I had that exact issue with a run in my tights last winter that drove me crazy and then when I mentioned it in my post, everyone said they didn't even see it until I said something. Oh well.
      Now I'm more likely to edit lint off my sweater than a zit off my face, so that's something, haha.
      ♡Mariah Alysz